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  1. Thanks for the response guys. I never thought of using a scope. That should make things easier.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm hoping I can get some input on a motor I am looking at buying. I am being told it is a 1972 L24 with a N47 head on it. I've done quite a bit of research and and still left with a question. Is there any way actually identify the Maxima N47 without pulling the head? I have seen mention of a possible threaded hole between the 5 & 6 spark plugs, but also saw mention that the later 280z N47 had the same hole as well. So that does not seem to be a surefire way to identify it. If there is no hole would that mean that it is not a Maxima head and just a normal 280z head? The pictures of the engine make it look absolutely spotless. There were receipts in the glove box for a carb tune and sync. After talking to the owner he seems to be a Z enthusiast and so was the person he got the motor from. That leads me to my other question. If it is in fact just a normal 280 N47 on a P30 block, would I be looking at a performance loss compared to the stock P30 / E88 combo? Thanks for any input you guys can offer. As always it is much appreciated. ~Ryan
  3. I might be going out on a limb, but I know topics like this has been covered for years on this sight so that might be why no one is jumping in and making conclusions as to what one is better "for you". Just do a little searching and you will come up with enough information to make your head hurt. It all comes down to what your final application is going to be and how much money you want invested. Here are some good links that might help shed some light on what you are looking for, sorry I can't offer much more help... http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=104420 http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=105653 http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=116680 Check out some of the link provided in those posts, they will provide you with more information. Pay attention to BRAAP, he knows a thing or two about building a good head.
  4. My hat comes off to all involved in this test. I for one really appreciate the amount of work that you put into this to make it a reality. After reading what some people did it makes me with I could have donated more. I can't wait to see what was actually discovered on that monumental day. Rock on guys!
  5. Looking good. I wish I knew you guys were going to be in town. I would have loved to have seen you run to get some inspiration to get me working on the Z again. You guys have any more runs planned around here?
  6. I know that, I've been into them for a while. I was just curious what type his was. Just because they are similar does not mean there is a $300 difference in price. Like a mint condition Tula compared to a Yugo, one is worth $100 the other is worth $400. Thats a big difference for a "similar" gun.
  7. I really dig the SKS. What type is it? I just picked up a Chineese thats really sweet. I am about to place the same order for ammo too...
  8. Not to jack my own thread, lol, but how do you like the stroker in the Jeep? I've got a 82 CJ-5 with a 258 in it right now. I also have a line on a complete 4.0 that I was thinking of building into a stroker.
  9. Wow, that is one good deal. I have been looking for deals like that, but it just seems like none ever pop up around here. Our junkyards are not worth a crap either. If you are even able to find something in one, they want just as much money as the new parts cost, so its a complete waste. I have been keeping an eye on ebay, but there is never anything even remotely close. Craigslist is a good idea, I have not really checked them. I'm not sure I want to mess with the stuff associated with the Vortec's. Plus if I absolutely needed to I could reuse my rockers and intake if I went with something else. Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I am just going to keep looking and see what pops up. So no one has tried those Summit heads, huh? To me it seems like they would be a good value for someone looking for a slight boost in performance without breaking the bank. Which is where I am at...
  10. Those don't sound like too bad of a deal. I know about all the other stuff associated with the Vortec heads. I plan on buying a new intake manifold no matter what heads I go with so that's not too big of an issue. I am also looking into a mild cam with new pushrods, rockers and lifters. I want to up the performance a little but, but again this will not be a drag car, just a fun daily driver. Anyone else have any input? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, First off I am sorry if this has been discussed before. I tried several searches, but I found nothing helpful. I am in the process of rebuilding a 350 to drop in my 240z. I was originally going to use the stock heads and just go with a rebuild kit. Well after buying some degreaser and going to work on the heads, I found a crack between the middle two cylinders, so the head is trash. I was thinking of going with some "mild" upgraded heads and have been looking at the Summit brand heads. They come fully assembled with everything except rockers and have bigger valves than the stock heads (I can't remember the size right now) and a 67 cc combustion chamber. My question is what does everyone thing of these heads? I can get them for just over $600 for the pair, which looks like a good deal to me. I just want some of your opinions on this head. I know there are better, but I really can't justify spending over $1,000 for heads when I am not going for a drag monster. This is going to be my daily driver when its on the road so max performance is not really an issue with me. The motor will bever see NOS or boost either. Would these heads work for my goals? Or would something like the Vortech heads be better? Thanks Guys! ~Ryan~
  12. Am I the only one that thinks the "bug eyed" ones were the best looking of the STI's? Well except for the 22B as Yasin said...I get speechless when I think about it...
  13. My guess is part of it would have to do with the systems that need to be implemented to make a "true" hybrid car work. Have you actually sat down and looked at what is really inside a "hybrid" car? Just the charging system alone would pose enough of a problem that it would not really be a viable swap in my opinion. Then you have the issue of where to mount those thousand pound batteries, sensors, wiring and on and on. They are really hi-tech cars that were basically designed around the "system". Maybe I am just making things seem harder then they really are, but I just can't really see it being accomplished. I can see the costs getting out of hand rather quick...but I'm no engineer and only a half back yard mechanic.
  14. All I can do is sit here muttering "wow" over and over again..... that is amazing!
  15. Ok, thats what I was afraid of. Thanks for the help. It looks like the only way to beef it up is to build it to world class specs, but that involves a new case from what I can tell, and after that about the only original part of the trans is the tail housing, but seeing as how I need a new tail housing because the current one is for a 4wd setup, I would basically just be buying a new tranny. O well, back to the drawing board....Thanks!
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