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  1. I'm not sure that reverse lights are required? If you guys can provide some insight on that, as I'm sure it varies between states. I searched around a bit but couldn't find anything regarding this topic.
  2. I wish I had access to my other pictures of it in primer, but I'm currently deployed so I don't have that camera with me.
  3. I did something similar with my Z. I wasn't trying to recreate any particular tail light panel I just thought it would look good. The pictures are old, I have finished the body work and the car sits in primer right now. I have not been able to finish it due to back to back deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan. Enjoy! Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Yes, exactly. If I turn it by hand, it will crank over exactly one time and stop in the same spot. This whole problem arose while the car was sitting waiting for me to replace the steering rack, then the coil pack went bad and now this issue.
  5. OK, today I got a chance to crank the motor over by hand and try the new starter out for real. It continues to lock up in the exact same position. It turns over exactly one time and just stops...AAHHH
  6. OK, I'll try to turn the motor over by hand this afternoon and post back up with the results. I don't see it being the ground because the car ran just fine before hand.
  7. I had an ignition issue and upon replacing the bad coil my starter is not able to crank the engine. I thought it was a faulty starter so I order one from Malaysia, I got it put in today and it's still doing the same thing. I then thought my battery had taken a **** on me, sure enough it had. I got a new one and it's still doing it! Can somebody please shine some light on me? It's an 1997 rb25det
  8. Does anybody know if this is possible? I looked around for a while but couldn't find anything. My GT3076R on my RB25 has a bad oil seal and they want $1200 to rebuild it. I figure I'll just find a solid used H35W. Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. I ended up just installing a push button starter in it.
  10. I looked for an ignition relay but because of the Power FC, there isn't one. The only thing I can think of now is bad grounds, but that wouldn't explain the fact that I still drove it for the rest of the day...
  11. Alright, I finally got some time to get a test light on that wire and I have no voltage. Where should I look for the problem?
  12. Long story short, I changed the oil in my car yesterday. While taking off the oil filter I knocked the starter solenoid wire off. I put it back on and lower my car back to the ground but now it won't crank. My Power FC tells me I have 12.5 volts with the ignition on. Finally, the car starts just fine. I drove the car for the rest of the day without any issues. Today, I go to get in my car to drive to the track after not driving it all day and it won't crank again! I went and bought some brake cleaner and sprayed my starter solenoid terminal and inside the plug and it still won't crank. It's dark now and I can't see anything to work on it so does anyone have any other ideas?
  13. I personally took my entire car down to bare metal. You'll find a lot of things that will eventually become larger problems down the road. Buy a pneumatic file board for sure if this is the route you choose to take. It will make your life 100x easier when it comes time to sand primer. Like stated before a high-build primer is a very good choice for either way you decide to go. It will help you out with small imperfections in body work.
  14. Well, after reading the most obvious post in the forum I found my answer.
  15. hello, I am in dyer need of help right now, I have 3 days to plan an entire car build which keeps changing. Right now, I'm stuck on a differential issue which concerns the 240sx diff and the 280z axles. I tried searching but with the new and improved Hybridz search function it sort of took it's toll. The dilema is, completely stripping my sr 240sx with KAAZ 2 way and swapping it into the Z while I'm in Iraq. I really hate asking this question because I know its been answered a million times but, What do I need to do to make a 240sx short nose work in my Z? Thank you so much in advance.
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