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    haltech f7b?

    picking one up that's on a z motor right now running 2 additional 300cc injectors. anyone used one or know much about it? opinions and known facts? would i be able to run additional injectors as well as upgraded ones on my l28et?


    i am liking the 2jz and the ability to run stock block @ around 1khp. just wondering how many 280zx or any 240-280zx guys out there have done this swap and how it turned out? kinda had a little trouble finding a forum on it. thanks
  3. yes the car will be fully built as well. full tube chassis with removable panels etc. i want to build it very similar to paul newman and bob sharp's race cars, almost a replica just one upped. and as far as a tranni that'll handle it it's going to cost a pretty penny but it'll be worth it, the viper spec. t56 trans. a lot of parts will be custom fabbed by me or other companies i know. but i finaly came to my final decision which is build my rb that i have and put it in the z and build the l28 and put it in the old 710
  4. so i am comming back with a full built l28et that was origonaly in my 280zx. i am new to l series engine builders and race prep shops. my goal is to obtain 600hp maximum output. i am asking for a few shops and or names that would be able to build me a bored and stroked fully built block and great head work for the power i want and can make it as reliable as possible. shoot sum names and locations if u got them. i'm based out of dallas and would like to find somebody local and if all else fails i'm prepared to send my block to japan haha and money isn't a huge issue as i know this will take time but i want to get everything perfect the first time around
  5. ehh, sweet setup; but the guy should really have taken sum welding lessons er sumthin before finishing that project. HAHA
  6. wow, does anyone offer any fender kits like that for the 280zx?
  7. has anyone tried these springs on their z? if so how do they perform and how do u like them? i'm currently thinking of buying a set for my 83zxt and was curious.
  8. i am from dallas, tx and i am having a hell of a time trying to locate an rb30 series 2 block. does anyone here that is not too far from dallas or tx happen to know where i can get the block relatively near to me??? if not just throw up where you know of where i can get one, although i really don't want to pay out the *** for shipping.
  9. so how does the megasquirt system compare in price and performance to a haltech system?
  10. i am using a steeda tri-ax shifter for the 5.0
  11. yeah that's another thing, who makes a good cam for the zxt? i am also running the 3" exhaust with no restrictions just straight pipe off of the downpipe. i'm already pretty quick, last night i killed a 300zxtt (pretty well stock) never really had the chance to run one, but i was murdering him on the shifts thanks to my new short throw
  12. so i am guessing 12 psi is the max u go with?
  13. ok i am getting ready to run a bar and plate fmic 3" exhaust mbc & mfpr on my 83 zxt, other than that it's pretty well stock besides my bov and intake i was just wondering if anyone else is running a similar set up and what kind of power gains i will see at what psi increase. also, what would be the max amount of boost that can be safely pushed with this type of setup and what would be a decent amount?
  14. yeah i like the new postion better with the tri-ax it's a lot more comfortable and now i can actualy rest my arm on the console while still keeping my hand on the shifter! plus i like how 1st to 2nd is like nothing one flick and i'm there
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