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  1. here you go, its on my parts car so it isnt the best running z out there, hope this helps car was reved to about 3-4k p.s. i turned my speakers up all the way and its about a 1/8 of the volume in person http://s481.photobucket.com/albums/rr176/Spitfirejunky46/?action=view&current=SDC11302.mp4
  2. ill put up a vid of my car which is running a cherrybomb glasspack into a greddy muffler copy, it sounds good, i can take off the glasspack for you I would like to know what it sounds like too.
  3. Well i finally have time to post pictures of the car the pics aren't the greatest but youll have to take my word there is no rust any where on the body. Getting a new rear end sent to me soon need to work on the price. this is the half shaft that snapped all the bolts, no damage done but chipped up the paint in the surrounding area. tokico illumina -5 adjustable in all four comers the f54 block and the vo6 crank in the plastic bag in oil
  4. ill post pics of the rust free car when i have the time, Ive been busy at school, but i will tell you about it, the good- tokico 5 way ilumnia shocks and springs all around, f54 block, vo6 crank, complete interior all new, aftermarket seats, along with a additional t-5 and L28, the bad- when we were towing the car home, the rear end locked up, the guy which we bought it from, put all new bushing and repainted all of the rear end components, well he forgot to put rear end oil in it. The left half shaft broke all the bolts, and the right half shaft, only had three bolts in it, two with nuts, al
  5. well for those who care which is probably just me, haha, i couldn't get the car today raining all day and the car has a hole cut in the roof for a sunroof so i couldn't pull it home, ill have to get it tomorrow, but i got the parts car running good, it was retarded really bad and to rich,
  6. I was a little excited to post what i got i should have waited to get the other car and done a little work on it, but i get the other car tomorrow morning,
  7. im gettin the rust free one this weekend ill post pics Saturday afternoon
  8. Well i just got a Datsun its a 1978 280z with air and a 5 speed this car will be used as a parts car. The rails are gone but i got the car for the drive train, the engine idles smooth, but cuts out when you rev it(its really rich any ideas). The cars really rough, the interior is all there but in pieces and not very clean, got allergies when i started taking it apart. Its going to be a slow build, the car im getting this weekend is a rust free car with a with extras, f54 block, ld28 VO6 crank dont really need it right now but ill keep it. enough talking, here's the car
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