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  1. That would be fantastic! Thank you for that and also for sharing the pictures. Your '73 is in the same condition I got my '73 in. I will be in touch!
  2. Scarab#157, where about do you live in Wisconsin? I'm right outside Milwaukee. It would be pretty cool to see a real Scarab.
  3. I'll be watching this. It would be a really cool swap. Points for originality. As far as I know, knobody has done this, so you are treading new ground. Everything would have to be custom made. If you don't do the work yourself, you are looking at a bill hittin' the 5 figures. I haven't been around much the past few years, but as of today, will be around more. If you have any questions about the LC2, ask here or drop me a PM. Mat
  4. Lance, Why couldn't you make those rings out of MDF? It's just the same as making speaker mounting rings, then use a router or shaper to give you the type of edge you want.
  5. This might have been posted else where, but this is sort of two engines. Kinda cool though. http://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1643786-v12-ls1-build.html
  6. Clever way to install the hitch. For the issue quoted above, what I do with the hitch on my truck, is use wood shims and jam them in there to take up the slack. Works great. Especialy works great for those that keep the recievers inside thier hitch all the time and don't like hearing the clunking around while driving.
  7. I'll fix the links guys. Give me a few days and they should be working again. Sorry!
  8. Just getting back to Z's again. I've been away for quite a while. Sorry guys for the bad links. Give me a few days and I'll fix this stuff.
  9. Thanks man. Little confused, but were you offering one to me for ten bucks? If so, then yeah, I'll take it. I'll email you. On a side note, man, has this website changed since I've been here last. I have to look around and read all the new stuff. Looks like a crap load more people too. Seems like a lot of young guys getting into the Z's now days, which is cool.
  10. Been away from the computer for a while. I initially got several replies, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make anything happen. Kind of a long story. So, does anybody have a drivers side exterior door handle? Thanks, Mat
  11. My drivers side exterior door handle busted. Looking for a decent replacement. Don't need anything show quality, just another used one so I can open the dang door. Anybody have one?
  12. G'day,

    Can you please tell me which oil pressure and coolant temp sensors you used for the dakota digital setup?

    The thread type on the temp sensor would help heaps.



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