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  1. I have the Bruno knob controller and Saturn steering box. When you 1st start the car, it takes a second or 2 to come on, but after that, I have never noticed anything weird feeling about it. I have it set really low.
  2. There is a guy that sells a kit on one of the Z facebook pages that has all those parts to rebuild the hinges.
  3. Just push it as far up as possible and use a block to scribe the shape of the bottom of the car to it. Then get out the grinder.
  4. I used the eastwood on my car. It has the consistency of water, so cover under the car when you spray it because it will start coming out of all the holes, seams, cracks, etc.
  5. What kind of speed and range do you think you'll get?
  6. Hybridz facebook page for the chit chat? The forum for the data and info?
  7. Maybe someone on the Dastun Makers Group on facebook may have some?
  8. I just got some peel and stick closed cell from the hardware store that was the right thickness.
  9. I think this year was the pinnacle, I'm sorry I had to miss it because it will probably never be this good again. It was at a time of year with decent weather, not when its 150 outside, combined with Znationals and at Road Atlanta... what could possibly top that?
  10. Get a flat steering wheel with no dish, that's probably a good 2" right there.
  11. Theres a guy on youtube I saw a while back that says he road races his corvette. He had a nice setup, said it works well. All I can remember was he used this cap. http://www.eliteengineeringusa.com/clean-side-oil-separator/?fbclid=IwAR2WGZ9Lf5t0tKaDdAQg1YXPCqvKwETUDb7OfuIhG_4Or_PMXpM1ZetCEAk If I can find the guys vidoes, I'll post it here.
  12. 78 280z. Bought the TTT setup and had 250 front , 300 rear on konis. Felt too soft, swapped to 300 up front. It is slightly stiff but feels much better than the 250s. 250s are way too light for the rear. The shocks are probably around 2/3 compressed at ride height. Just bought 350s, haven't installed them to know if they are going to be too stiff, but at 1620 rear weight with me, spare, full tank, etc. it should be around 1/3 compressed at ride height.
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