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  1. HA! You win the prize! I totally forgot about this. I was wondering what this was. See photo.
  2. Wow why did this not show up in any searches?
  3. I'm doing the opposite of what most people do. I have a whining r200 and a spare r180 so the 180 is going in the car. It's a 79. I'm having a hard time with the bolt that the diff mounts to. The diff needs to slide about an inch forward. The mounting bolt looks like it could slide forward but I have no idea how. The photo shows the mounting bolt from the car with the r180.
  4. Not a problem. The only trouble I had was getting the transmission swapped out. Other than that it was easy. Seriously took me 2 hours taking my time. Not a tough swap at all. A heck of a lot easier than when I swapped my 90 RX7 auto to 5 speed.
  5. Too late now. I talked him down to $200. Installed and running pretty good. Shifts clean.
  6. Found a 79 5-speed transmission locally. I asked the guy to check a few things for me because he doesn't know the history of the tranny. Here is what he sent me: I was able to pull the fill and drain plugs. Using a flashlight and rotating the input shaft in several gears, I did not see any damage or excessive wear. There was some small metal shards on the magnetic plug and one small metal piece. I have rotated the input shaft in all gears by hand with no issues. Thanks What do you guys think? He wants $225 Should I just rebuild my 5 speed?
  7. One of my problems is the side plug on the tranny is stripped completely. I tried using a torch but no luck. I might be able to get it off with the tranny removed. I have already browsed through the FSM section. Thanks for the links.
  8. The Wagon tranny is listed locally on Craigslist. 81 Datsun 510 station wagon with 98k miles. It had a 2.0L Z20 engine. The current tranny was a little hard to shift into reverse when we got it. Then it would slip out of 5th. Now it won't go into 2nd or 5th. I also heard a clunk trying to get into 5th. I'm leaning towards a rebuild. The rebuild kit from Zcar Source ( http://www.zcarsource.com/manual-transmission-rebuild-kit-specify-type-new_8_52709_50147.html ) is $182.00. I don't have a gear puller though so it might be time to buy a new tool. Or do I just need bearings? My Z mechanic
  9. Help me out a little. What is an S13? I'm only into Nissan/Datsuns a little over a year
  10. I'm wondering if the 5 speed transmission from an 81 Datsun 510 station wagon will fit my daughter's 79 280zx. She lost 5th and 2nd today and I would rather swap than rebuild. Thanksi
  11. The turn signals on this car were working and now only the drivers side works but only for a second. It also seems to be very fast. Anyone have this problem?
  12. Back from the painter. Remember this is my daughter's ca. The ribbon is for her Aunt who is fighting cancer.
  13. Back from the painter. Remember this is my daughter's car
  14. It's been over a year working on this car. We started with the interior then I moved to the body. Now I'm close to paint. One more coat of primer and sanding.
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