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  1. 🤫 after almost a decade, I am back on my 1974 260Z. I hand Renu restore the gas tank, flushed all the lines, put in new gas and reinstalled the battery. Now the fun started? I turned the key and NOTHING😪. This has happened before and I want to find the source and correct it. I read a thread that suggested I remove the interlocking unit completely and jumper the by to the br wires in the interlock relay. That didn’t help so I read 280z with 383’s post of 5/29/07 titled “ engine won’t start/run “ in troubleshooting and here are my findings. 1) when I checked the voltage at the solenoid I
  2. I also discovered that my transitorized igition unit was shorted. I replaced it last weekend with a crane xr700 and a new fireball ps40 coil, now there is a strong spark every time....Next problem is no gas coming from the carbs, she will only start if i put starting fluid in the carbs. I am now learning about these Hatachi su (HJG 46W 8B) carburators.
  3. My 1974 has 1972 type (HJG46W 8B) su carbs on it. After three months on restoring her, i got some popping when i sprayed starting fluid in the carbs. The carbs were cleaned up and new gaskets from the z source installed, but i could not get the primary jet and or choke off the body. Now that it will not pull the gas into the manifold, i must get those parts apart and replaced. I went to the internet for help but could not find any details on my specific carbs. My jet assembly has a flex gas line coming from the bowl (held on with clamps) to a plastic component (looks like a crows foot) that
  4. Yes, the clicking is coming from that area of the car and I have checked both sides of all fuses and there is power on both sides. Does the power go to the relay first, then the switch, and finally the wiper motor ??
  5. I started three months ago working on my 260z (that has been sitting for 26 years) and getting close to starting her. My harmonic balancer is being rebuilt in Reddings, Ca. so I have turned to the last of the unworking auxilary systems...the windshield wipers. With the key on, and I turn the wiper switch to any of the three operating positions, I only her a click. No movement of the blades. When I disconnect the wiring in the engine compartment, and apply voltage to the pigtail of the motor, I can get the blades to move in two speeds. I have also checked the contacts in the light/windshield
  6. If it is from the negative of the coil it may go to the tac, if the oem wired had been damaged. Does the tac work?
  7. Thank you newzed for your help. I started doing some digging when you referenced a " rubber " in the pulley. That is the problem. I have located a company that can rebuild Hermonic balancers at a reasonable price and a good turnaround time. It is the "damperdoctor" at sales@damperdoctor.com
  8. THE PULLEY WHICH IS THE HARMONIC DAMPER FOR THE MOTOR IS ALSO CALLED THE HARMONIC BALANCER. Almost all the non preformance harmonic balancers have a rubber type joint that makes them a three part assembly. YES the components can slip out of alignment and should be repaired or replaced. There is a company in Redding Cal. " damperdoctor" that can do it.
  9. sorry for spelling error....the topic is crank pulley
  10. I posted last week about tne missalignment of my timing marks when the number one piston was tdc. i got a response that said the outer rim may have slipped on the pulley hub or the crank key was not in place. today i removed the pulley and the key was there. i found a picture of a new oem 1974 260z pully and the timing mark is not in the same reference location as mine. the new one has the keyway at 1:00 and the timing groove at 2:00 balance holes at 4:00 to 7:00. my pulley has the keyway at 1:00 and the timing groove at 3:30 and the balance holes at 12:00 to 3:00. there is a rubber component
  11. I am going to watch this one because i've had the same problem for 26 years. On new years eve in 1984, my wife and i came out of a party and my beloved 1974 260z would not fire but just crank it's little heart out. We got a ride home and the next day i went back with a trailer to get it. When i put the key in, the motor did not turn more than a revolution or two before she was purring like a kitten. I called the Datsun dealership a day of so later to see what it could be. I was told it " MAY BE " the transistor ignition unit that cost then over $800.00 plus labor but they were not sure and whe
  12. I'll add my name to this list....Fell in love with the z in 1970 but in school and could not afford one until 1978. Purchased a 1974 260z and still have it, althought it has been parked for 26 years. Startd to restore it about three month ago and hope to drive it in January 2011. When it is complete, I'll post a picture or two.
  13. I rebuilt my motor about two months ago and thought that i lines up the timing marks on the cam and crank correctly but now i am questioning myself. The motor is back in the car and for the last month or so i've been chasing electrical problems. Now the car is turning over and i was going to install the spark plugs and wires. I turned the crank to get the number one piston to tdc but the timing mark on the hurmonic pully was not lined up with the timing register on the cover. Here are my three observations standing in front of the car: number one piston tdc...first valve lob at 7:00 seco
  14. The problem was corrosion and looseness between the igniton switch plug and the wiring harness plug.
  15. Making progress...Thanks for your ideas. When I removed the igition switch plug from the switch I found some corrosion and looseness between the contacts. When that was cleaned up and tightend....it now turns over with the key. I have purchased the new crane xr-700 igition system from z-source and will not try to start the can until that is installed
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