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  1. doubt i caould afford one of those. unless it was under $1000 with ecu and tranny. i'll check the thrifty nickel thou!
  2. i saw a complete rebuild kit for $1200. that seems a bit steep. i'm still looking for info. if this motor will not work, i guess i'll be going the 302 route instead. i'd much rather have a 32V v8 thou.
  3. is it possible to get rebuild kits for the motor? i really want to run one of these.
  4. i'm thinking about buying a guys car at work. it has been totalled out by his insurance company. it has the 4.6L northstar V8. the motor has 215K mile on it. all i want from the car is the motor. i know a lot of people use these in dune buggies. i'm thinking it would be perfect for a Z. its all aluminum, 32V V8. it might weigh less then the VG30. and stock it puts out almost 300 hp. does anyone know of a manual tranny that would bolt up? they say the 60* bellhousing off a stick shifted camero works or a 700r4.
  5. i'm really excited about the option. i think i will probably just stick with the auto. is it an 5 speed?
  6. well, i went down to salt lake city to a junkyard down there. forgot my tape measure. but after checking out a few infiniti's i think i'll use a vq45 when i do swap a motor. i'm pretty sure it will fit. i won't be able to turbo it or anything. but it looks sweet. i'm going to look into trannies that will work with that motor. what i'll do is look for one at an insurance auction and get it all in one piece. not sure when it will happen. i need to win the lottery. but i think that is what i want to do to the car. i've always liked hybrids. i swapped out a 4 banger that was in my toyota truck for a supra straight six. it was pretty fun. and i enjoy fabrication. so we'll see what happens.
  7. no, i could only wish for that. i'd like to pick up a blown up turbo z31. swap my engine in , intercool and be done.
  8. i am running 225/50/15's 3.71 gearing. na 5 speed. the gearing is nice. i have loads of power. and i have lightened the car a bit. you can definatly feel the acceleration.
  9. duh i have a five speed. i put shorter tires on and the highway rpms are pretty high for 80 mph. i'm reving 3500 rpm. i'd like a six speed. i really like the engine. its strong. i have over 116000 on mine and it doesn't blow smoke or burn oil. i rev it to 5000 all the time. it doesn't seem to care. this is something i'd like to do when the motor dies. i'm going to reconstruct the whole car. i'll probably stitch weld all the seems. and make the chassis a little more ridged since i have t-tops. i know. it seems like nissan has used the motor in everything so they shouldn't be to bad in price. cross my fingers. i'm leaning twords the 240sx rear suspension. i'd like to be able to adjust the camber and the s13 subframe is almost the same width as the Z31.
  10. has anyone seen a vq35 with 6speed tranny swapped into a z31 chassis? i love the body of my Z. i just hate the power plant, transmission, and rear suspension. i love the rear wheel drive but hate that i cannot easily change the suspension geometry. i love the fact that the Z33 has so much aftermarket support. my Z31 has virtually nothing for it. i have fabricated stuff for it. the things i am wondering are if the engine will physically fit? i don't care how hard it is to wire. i've swapped motors before. i have custom fabricated engine mounts, and transmission crossmembers. thats not a problem. anyway i'm just curious what others have done. thanks
  11. take off a valve cover and see if oil is spraying when its running! take off the passenger side, it only takes a few minutes
  12. are you sure its not just the oil pressure sending unit that isn't working???
  13. there isn't anything wrong with the bottom end of the M motors. they are bullet proof. this is just becoming a pissing match. they are both excellent motors. having owned both i like both.
  14. i didn't mention the 6M because not to many people would even know what it is. it not much better then the 5M. just a little bigger and a few more ponies.
  15. hey. above i like both engines. to me they have pros and cons. i like a straight six because of the simplicity in working on them. i have worked on inline motors for years. i now own two v6's and i love the power in them. i have a mitsubishi with a 3.5 L V6 that has tons of power. i also like the VG. it has 112000 miles on it and doesn't burn a drop of oil. i also like the nissan electronics on the 84 better then toyota 84' electronics. the nissan was way ahead of the game. the nissans diagnostic system is also much easier to use and get the codes out of. so for me its a push at best. i like them both. i like my VG and can't wait to have enough money to restore the cars body and then start the overhaul of the motor and adding some turbo. its a hell of a fun car to drive. mine looks like a POS but i don't car because its so much fun to drive.
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