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  1. So is it just like a regular auto just put it in drive and go with the option of shifting yourself to shift faster.or do you have to upshift and downshift? thats one of the problems with the swap,I really like manual trannys. Would anybody happen to know if borg warner super T10s are sturdy trannys or are they weak like the T5s?
  2. Hi,I haven't posted in a while since I wrecked my Z last year.Anyway I have a Mazda Rx7 that I'm planning to drop a 350sbc into and was wondering if anybody here knows of a good place in MI to get one.like if their was a good place that they got their 350 from.I know I don't have a Z anymore but I plan on usign a chevy 350 engine and Tranny like you guys use so I figure its kinda on topic here,and you guys seem to have all hte answers. I want to keep my car manual but it seems the T5 is a piece of junk and people recomend to go auto or t56.since the rx7 is light weight and the Zs cousin I was woundering what you would reccomend for a manual tranny?waht do peole run in their Zs?Anybody use a borg warner super T10 Tranny?the gearing in my car makes it a bit hard.4:10 gears and like 12 or 14 inch tires. The Guy hewlping me has a turbo 350 wiht corvette gears,and a b&m shift kit for 500$.Its a ratchet shift tranny,I have never driven one so do you shift it like a motorcyle tranny,1 gear ata time except no clutch or do you just put it in drive and go? Thanks
  3. Well i'm still looking and thinking.YEs the car would be daily driver but the crappy Job I am working at is only a 2 miles from home,and I could probly barrow my mom or dads car if I had to.THere might be an opening loading truck at a dairy and they pay 15 per hour with overtime,so if I get that job I can probly afford a beater,thinking old toyota,and then save for a really nice z,after a month or so I could spend around 6000 and get a nice one.THe biggest set back is I'm having sinus sugery[i have a deviated septum and clogged sinuses]and won't be able to work for at least 2 weeks maybe more. do you guys I think I can sell my wrecked z for at leat 1200?,From the engine bay back it's in good shape,brand new tires,engine still runs,ect.if I sell it for 1200 I'll have 4000.I should be able to get a decent z for that,problem there arn't many in the MI area.I wouln't sell it if I can get anoter z31 as I'd use it for parts. Racinjitter I have been looking for a z31 rolling chassins or complete car with blown motor in with a good body to swap my parts into but no luck so far.If you'r dad sells his z let me know?is it a turbo or na? is it a 5spd?I would also consider a l28 turbo swap into 240-280 but again not many around.I keep hoping someone will have a v8 240-280 for sale in MI for around 4000,I have seen a bunch in CA and the TX area but not any in the MI are yet.I might also get a 240sx and turbo that if I can get one in good shape and cheap,butI don't like thme as much as a z. Thank you everbody for taking time to answer my qustions.If I get another Z I'll post back and let you know.
  4. Hey guys what do you think about this Z? z?http://classifieds.hybridz.org/showproduct.php?product=2456&cat=8 Doest it look like an ok deal?THe biggest problem is it's in texas[i'm in MI]so shipping it might cost to much.what do you think of the setup? I don't know much about small blocks, but I'm trying to learn,is there an faq or site that has all the info in an easy to understand way like the ones on the vg30et engines? I am sorry if I pissed anybody off,I don't mean to,I do try to search before asking questions but sometimes I can't find the answers or I need an answer specific to my problem,If the answer was already posted I apologise.Thanks.
  5. Z fury waht are you selling?you'r supra or you'r Z? Also where do you live?I live In MI thanks
  6. Ok thanks everbody for you'r help,I did do a search before asking but I didn't see one done on a budget like mine,so I asked if it was possible.maybe I didn't search correctly but I apologize. Woj what do you mean turbo swap?do you mean putting a turbo on the l24or can you just drop in a l28et?I am not fussy what I use,I just want something affordable,somewhat reliable.I would eventually like to get around 300-350 rwhp.I mostly want enough power to smoke the tires in a few gears and to beat mustangs,comaros and older vettes, [i am talking about stock or only lightly modified cars not the ones that the guygirl spend hours and many many bucks modding and takes to the stip and runs 11s]I am not trying to run 11's[but If I can that's great] I should ask on the I6 forum to see what my options are. Thanks.
  7. Well I gues it sounds like both are great cars so I guess it depends on which I find I can afford first.I'ts like choosing between 2 super models,both are great you might prefer one a little bit more but you get the other you'r still happy. The supras are going for too much money,[damn f&F movie]I still might get one but I kinda like the Z better,I never rode in a supra but,everbody says the Z is a lighter more nimble car,even the supra guys say the Z's are more nimble,and handle great,the supra with stock suspention they say handles a little like a dump truck at high spead in comparison,and like everybody says the supra is a heavy car,so the Z being lighter should be a bit easier to get to go fast. I am not thinking of going for super high hp numbers and doing extensive work and modding [most people think the supra has an edge when trying to get crazy high hp numbers but I can't afford to get to that point] ,I can afford to maybe get in the 350-400RWHP[in the future,now I can't afford much over stock]so I guess I'll try for a Z unless I find a supra close and Affordable,Now who whants to sell me there Z?
  8. Ok thanks,I guess it costs to much unless I get the car for cheap,or partially completed.The problem is with a 240z you'r only option I see done is a swap,what other options are there?I mean the engine is small[compared to a v8]and not a turbo,what else can you do to get muscle car performance?To bad I can't drop in my vg30et after a rebuild and afew mods[it has 198000 miles on it]to get 350-400RWHP, that power in a car that light... would be pretty bad:twisted:
  9. Well I am posting another question about v8's.I recently wrecked my 84 turbo,[at a stop sign,it was raining,didn't see him] And have been looking for a replacement,I can't seem to find hardly any Z in MI or close enough to get.I am also conserdering a toyota supra turbo but they are going for to much. Anyhow I found a 71 datsun for sale in mi at zcar .com http://www.zcar.com/classifieds/index.php?method=showdetails&list=advertisement&rollid=32987&fromfromlist=classifiedscategory&fromfrommethod=showhtmllist&fromfromid=29& Do you think this is a good price?also since it dosn't run and the 240z engines arn't very powerfull I was thinking of maybe a 350 sbc swap.The problem is I only have about 3200 total,[he is asking 1800 for the car]would it be possible to swap a 350 for 1500 or under?I have a buddy who would help[he mostly works on his 240sx but is good mechanicly]The engine would come from a low milage truck there are tons in junkyards,my buddy said 350s are easy and cheap to rebuild and have a lot of aftermarket parts so I could get it going and then build it up bit by bit. I like the idea of a light weight 240 with a v8,except the gas milage,what do you think it would get?16highway 10 city?,but can it be done on my budget?is there a certain year model of car that would be the easiest to use? should i consider this an option or save up and buy a 240-280 allready v8ted or turbo 280- 300zx? Also what about a 350v8 in a 260?There is one for sale in the classifieds here nearly done for 2500,it's in texas but maybe I could have it shipped,would that be alright,or is there somethin wrong with 260zs as nobody seams to talk about them,are they the fat lazy kid in a family of atheleats? Thanks
  10. I know it had an turbo I6,the reason I asked here instead of the I6 forum is becouse the only Z I have had or rode in was the z31,which as you know has a v6,I'm using the z31 as a benchmark to judge the supra.so how does it compare in performance,upgradeabilty,and handling? Thanks.
  11. Well no luck finding a replacement Z around MI[that I can afford] and fixing mine will take time,[probly a long time]and I found a 1987 turbo supra http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1987-TOYOTA-SUPRA-TURBO_W0QQitemZ4643564885QQcategoryZ6447QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I am wondering if I should get it,I ,loved my Z and was wondering does anybody know how it compares?The specs I looked up say at stock the supra and Z have the about the same Hp,230 bhp[supra]and 200bhp[Z]but with a boost controller and some other basic mods the Z climbs to 250 RWHP,can you do the same type of easy and affordable mods to the supra to get the about the same[or more power] as the Z?Also with the Z I can probly afford the mods to make it hit about 400RWHP,how hard would it be to get a mkIII to get that power,and could I afford it? How is the supras handling?that is one thing everybody loves about the Z is how they handle like there on rails,how is the MKIII? The other thing is weight,The MKIII weighs a bit more 3500lbs vs the Zs 3100 lbs but that shouln't matter a lot should it ?. Also the Z's are tough almost bullet proof,how is the MKIII?I asume it's almost bullet proof since it's made by toyota but Just asking. They both seam about equal to the specs I have seen[i am not going to go crazy and try to get 800 RWHP or anything like that,but I figure if anybody knows you guys would know. Thanks.
  12. Hey Jason as you know I kinda killed my Z,I have been looking for another one but no luck so far.I just rembered that you said you had at least 6 in you'r back yard,you wouldn't happen to bew willing to sell one would ya?I'm looking for[besides a running Z at a decent price]a rolling chassis in good conditon with most of the stuff there,that I could drop my engine in[after a rebuild]or a parts car with a good condittion front end I can swap onto mine. Let me know please.
  13. Hi,I have never posted on the I6 forum becouse I owned a 84turbo.I recently totaled that[sob]and I am in the market for a Z,I loved my 300zx but I also like the looks of the 240-280 and they go for less than 300zxs. But which engine is better?I want a street car with around 400RWHP and the ability to beat older corvettes,mustangs and camaroes. I know there are plenty of people running around 400RWHP on the vg30et but you need to upgrade fuel injectors,portpolish the heads,add turbo and put in a new ecu.The actual engine I am told is very sturdy stock,How does the l28 compare? How much potential does the L28 have?I have seen some wicked L28 Zs. Which engine would be able to hit 350-400RWHP easier with less work or cost?I know nothing of the L28 turbo. What are the pros cons of the engines?I tried a search but there was a ton of useless info that came up and there was no general info or faqs about getting high HP numbers with the L28 like there is with the Vg30Et so I'm asking here. Thank you all.
  14. Hey I found this Z and was wondering if it's a good deal?http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1985-Nissan-300zx-Turbo-Z-5spd-ONE-OWNER-NICE_W0QQitemZ4636842715QQcategoryZ6398QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I know the auction has ended but I'm hoping since no one bid on it that it mght be still for sale.It's the only one around My area[i've checked the classifieds here,z31.com,Zcar.com,the links Racinjitter provided and ebay,as well as locally] I was hoping for a rougher but solid Z cheap and spend my money builoding it up to be fast and not spending money for appearance or luxeries. I was kinda hoping to find an older model datsun 280 or 240 that had a blown motor that I could Rebuild or drop a 350 small block but there isn't much around here. Thanks.
  15. Well as you know I recently smashed my Z.I had a freind who used to own his own body shop come and look at it.He said the frame looks good but the panels,hood and the bar the radiater attaches to is done for.If is fixable IF I can find another 300zx and swap the front ends,fixing it piece by piece is possable but not worth it as I could buy a lot better shape Z for that ammount of money. SO I am looking for a 300zx I can take the front off,or a rolling Chassis in good condition or an Running Z[dosn't matter if it is 240,60 280 or 300zx]In the MI area for a reasonable price.If you have on or know of one let me know. I might end up buying a 240sx and turbo that to hold me off untill I can buy another Z or find the parts to fix mine. Thanks.
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