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    Making one of my two 240z's into a hybrid V-8 with an LS1. I'm not a mechanic so I could use any help I could get. I'll also have some parts available to sell or trade as I get going. The 1971 I'm keeping original(E31 Heads) but I need to know about so much that I don't know where to start. Rob a bank, I guess...NOT but I do need any help that anyone would be kind enough to share!
  1. Hey Guy, I'm glad for ya....lol, I'm no mechanic but own a 1971z & a 1972z. The 72 has No Rust in the floor or anywhere I've found. I got injured & could never fix them; was planning to pay to have it done but shit happens.... If you live near "Dallas Tx", or anyone who might have some thoughts call me; 214 856 4711 I really hope you get her going. I've owed a 1978zx T-Top & a 1986 300zx Turbo(looked like the cockpit of a plane at night). anyone with a thought or idea how I might make my dreams happen, please call. good luck my brother, don
  2. I'm finally about to get a settlement from a cement truck hitting me! I'm trying to find out if anything larger than the 280zx engines' will bolt straight in? I'm asking here because I made the mistake of asking at a parts house and was told that a 300zx twin turbo would bolt straight in/ he also said I wouldn't need any motor mount kits to do this. Now that money is close enough to taste, I want to do proper research and ask the people who know, and those folks are here! I'm disabled so I can't do the work but I can research. I'm stuck between an LS1 V-8 and staying with all Datsun/ Nissan engines. I want an everyday driving car that nice and peppy. More fun that the old L-24 but not making the front end too heavy. Any Idea's would be greatly appreciated.....I'd like at least 300HP and not a "Drag Type Car, more of a touring/rally type car. Been waiting for this for 10 years now~would like to get it right the first time, if possible! Donnie...Dallas, Tx.
  3. I have a couple of 240z's, 71 & 72. I have decided to go with an LS1 350 or 400 short block. I would really apprieciate any suggestions in reference to: A good Manual Transmission for engine( something that fits fairly close), Also any help with a Better Suspension to deal with any additional weight and for overall saftey of myself along with other drivers on the road. I'm not a car mechanic so I really need A-Z help(no Pun Intended), what I really want is my "dream car" to happen and just like most of us, I'm on a limited budget. Thank you all for ANY & ALL help or suggestions to help my Dream come true!! Digginmyz Waiting on 72 to be shipped but will post pics when she arrives so I'll have an archive to remember this experience by!
  4. want to make a hybrid 240z~ I have a 71 & 72 to use.

    1. digginmyz


      I have the cars, now I'm searching for information to help me with this task.

  5. Hey back, I have the same deal as you. I own a 71 & 72 240z's and want to v-8 one. I got a quote of $12,000 turnkey to put in an LS1 350 shortblock. That's in Dallas, Tx. As far as buying the 240....paid $1850 for the 71 in 1995 & just paid $2400 for the 72, but the 72 spent 35 years in a barn so little rust. The biggest thing on a v-8 conversion is if the engine metal has rust, don't but it. Not for a v-8 conversion. I just talked to a man who doe's this and he said if there's rust, you need to pass it up. I need lots of help here & money Good luck, Donnie
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