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  1. thanks guys; i had a feeling the master cylinder was the problem too, as it is a pretty serious leak indeed. couple questions- as i mentioned earlier, my brakes feel great as long as fluid is in the cylinder; however, i have heard of brakes going completely out, due to MC failure. reason i ask is im at school, where its harder to do work. also, how difficult is it to change the MC? thanks guys
  2. no, i didn't find any fluid in the cabin. any other suggestions/ideas? whatever it is, i've lost about 3-4 pints of fluid out of the back cylinder in the last month or so.
  3. haven't checked that, though i took my mats out last week and didn't see anything. what would that indicate?
  4. hey guys, for the last 3 weeks i have been losing brake fluid pretty quickly. My car is an 81 280zx, so i have the dual brake master cylinder. Each time, the rear cylinder (closest to the cabin) is nearly empty, with just a little bit of fluid in the bottom. I can put brake fluid in it,(about a pint) and the brakes feel great, no mushy feeling at all. I just finished checking all of the brake lines, calipers, and bleeder valves, but everything was bone dry. now, about 4 months ago, i rebuilt my front calipers (after which the brakes were greatly improved) , but like i said i could find no leaks. I am thinking that the master cylinder may be going, and leaking internally... Thanks for help in advance
  5. I had initially thought that something had perhaps gotten in between the rotor and pad, but the grooves are symmetrical on both pads and opposite sides of the rotor. I guess it could have been a hard spot on the pad, but why would it leave a groove on the pad as well. Im fine with replacing the rotor and pad, I just don't want a repeat incident.
  6. the brakes are all stock setup on 81 280zx. the pads have been replaced within the year, and the rotors are fairly new.
  7. So I removed my front calipers today to rebuild them, as the car was pulling right under braking (I assumed my right brakes were clamping harder). Alas, when i removed the left caliper, I saw a groove about .3cm deep and .5 cm wide in the rotor and both pads. This explains why my brakes were acting weird, but what could have caused it? My pads have plenty of wear left in them. It looks to me as if the pad clip was scraping on the rotor, but what would explain the groove on both pads? On the bright side, the right brakes looked great. thanks.
  8. IN the last two months, my car has killed three different brand new batteries. The car seems to run fine for about a week or so, but then i will see the voltometer markedly drop. The car still starts fine, but when i take it in to do an alternator/battery test, the test always says that the battery needs to be replaced; the alternator is new and always tests fine. I do have an aftermarket stereo system, but it is functioning perfectly; also, i have run this stereo on a battery of equal strength with no problem for the past two years. I figured it might be a bad ground or connection, but can't seem to find anything. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  9. thanks for the responses guys. think i'm gonna go with a 3 point retractable harness
  10. hey guys, lately i have come to the conclusion that my stock seatbelts are shot. they retract just fine, but they won't lock on any sort of a consistent basis. I went to the junkyard, but each of the 4-5 z's i checked had the same problem... is this a common malady on our cars, and is there a way to fix the stock belts? i was thinking possibly 4 point harness... i have been searching hybrid and the web in general for some information, but to no avail. thanks for the replies.
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