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  1. ****, dont you hate with cars when the smallest piece turns into the biggest problem? lol well what if I asked you to pull the head off your rb26 to check the dowl size for me? lol
  2. Took the head off and one dowl pin is missing, I dont know what the last idiot that had the motor did, would any of you have 1 lying around somewhere, or even 2? or know what other Nissan I could get them off?pm me and ill give you my info thank you
  3. Hopefully my RB Z will be running for that bbq
  4. ray I think you will be happy with the manifold either way
  5. what does this tell you about the history and condition of this motor? I pulled these out of my l28/f54 block?
  6. Tht video was very helpful!! thanks
  7. So I pulled the float bowl caps off to find the front carb was completely dry with no gas at all. Pulled the other one off and there was some gas in the float. ok so plugged lines to the float? carbs need rebuild? whats it sound like to you guys?
  8. wow... all I can say is thank you tony
  9. Thank you very much ray, you offering to stop by has steered me away from blowin the damn car up! haha I will pm you my number and everything and if your goin to fremont my car is at a friends house only a couple exits away from fremont, so this should work out well especially since im free all week due to not bein able to find a damn job any where. pm sent!!
  10. hahaha ya I apaologize again tony its just so irritating to know that if the car was efi it woulda been running along time ago. The car is just stuck right now and this pisses me off, but ill take your advice...Ill try to calm down to allow my patience to go back up and then I will begin reading about useless carbs and then ill get back to you. Oh and im pretty sure all the old gas has been burned up, Ive been puttin lots of gas in and it will all get burned up just from idling for like 10 mins. I also have not even drove it yet, since it doesnt rev up when I go to engage the clutch it j
  11. Im Fckin frustrated with this car!! its only the carbs and I dont know where to even start. I messed with the mixture adjustment nuts under each carb maybe that?
  12. thanks guys and it was the 4 bolts that bolt it to the carbs, I just got some bolts that worked.
  13. Thanks ray and Ive been working on cars since I was about 9. all EFI! lol I have very little experience with carbs, its very possible for the easiest thing to be very hard depending on the person. In my case its these dumb carbs but I understand what you guys are saying and im sure with some research, I will come to find out that carbs are actually very easy to work on like I always hear and easier than EFI, But as of right now EFI is all im used to and what I prefer.
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