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  1. Lol, I had that all kinds of backwards (I thought FP was factory). BSP will likely be my goal, as I won't have stacks to pour into this thing until a little later in life. Glad to hear the L28 is allowed, hopefully it's the same for my local events too. Only kink I can see is the harness bar. Was really hoping to install at least a harness bar for DD use to compensate for the lack of airbags. Edit: and I just realized that talking about harness bars completely took this off topic. My apologies.
  2. Great advice for sure, and amazing news about corner balancing perfection without an SR20. I really do need to check my local rules, as the 240z will definitely see a lot of autocross (and maybe some track fun days). But, no, I'm not expecting to win much in a 197x. I'll have to check my own local rules, but does yours allow a L28 240z in BSP (I'll assume that FP is out of the question... even though they are very similar factory engines).
  3. True. Plus, would be super easy to get my hands on.
  4. Nice! Thanks a bunch bud. Only reason I'm so concerned about swapping before I even buy the car is that I keep seeing a bunch of L28 swapped 240zs pop up. So, I keep wondering if I should be looking harder at those... or if the engine is irrelevant (if I just end up swapping in a SR20 anyway). Only issues I have with the L24 is the carbs. I've never owned or worked on a carb before, and would feel a lot more comfortable with an EFI L28 running a modern EMS. That video posted earlier of the L6 ripping really has me leaning back to a keeping the inline-6. That thing sounded phenomenal. Though I'm sure the SR20 should be a great engine still for autocross in a car as light as the Z (though you're right, the low torque of a L6 would be much better), it'll never sound like that.
  5. It easily puts down the kind of power I'll be happy with on such a light chassis, and the thought a (basically) mid-engined 240 is incredible. I was hoping someone would mention this, as I thought I read this somewhere (but seemed too good to be true). I've seen 2 240z' in my life, and only one with the hood up and didn't think to check for this. From the pictures however, it's hard to picture. Is there a mount kit in existence, or are the only ones around custom jobs? Firewall modifications? Seriously interested, as if we pickup the house we're looking at I'll finally have a garage to store a Z, and I might have a more serious look at the L28 swapped Zs I see keep popping up.
  6. I'll preface this by saying that I don't have a 240z yet, just curious. Always thought that when I pickup my Z I'll have a SR20 swap planned, and for one reason: weight distribution. For those of you autocrossing, what engine would you prefer? A turbo L28, or a SR20?
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