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  1. staledale

    trying to identify what year this grill is.

    OK thanks cgsheen
  2. staledale

    trying to identify what year this grill is.

    Thanks cgsheen, did they start the bigger bumper shock in late 73 or is it just early 74?
  3. staledale

    trying to identify what year this grill is.

    Yes, thanks JSM I have to agree on the years. Late 1974 1/2 went to the largest bumper and shared a grill with the 280z
  4. Just trying to figure out what year z this grill is from. I had two grills and they are different. One is off my 1972 but don't know what this on is. can anyone help? The corner has small cut outs my 72 doesn't and a 77 78 has large cut outs.
  5. staledale

    76 280Z Part Out everything must go!

    Hi, Do you have the right side front frame rail? Front to the angled down part of the floor.
  6. staledale

    This car is gone. No more parts from it. Sorry

    Hi, I need the pass side front frame rail thanks Staledale
  7. staledale

    Parting 75 280z

    can you remove and send the Pass side frame rail? From core support to the cabin floor?
  8. staledale

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    Sidwell that looks great, it has to turn heads when you drive down the street. Can I ask what size tires you are running? Don't know when I'll ever get to mine. Have a 57 chevy to do for a guy. He wants it completely stripped down and everything removed, repainted, and rechromed. I've got all the parts to do mine, just not the time. I'd be proud of that car, good job. Staledale
  9. staledale

    spammer in my PM box

    I do have an interest in trannys. but they are six speeds. Staledale
  10. staledale

    spammer in my PM box

    Thanks SuperDan
  11. Has everyone received this type of material before in HybridZ private messages? This site has been way to good about keeping it clean. Just wondered. Staledale
  12. staledale

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    Hi mclark999, Remember that your working with a fiberglass body now, may seem obvious but you need a ground wire now. I'm building a glass body 32 Ford right now so I've come across the same problem. Staledale
  13. staledale

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    No Thanks, Got One
  14. staledale

    Vella Rossa Kit Manufacturer

    Oh bye the way Richard, welcome to HybridZ. Check out 250 GTO owners thread, in the body and paint forum. lots of reading and try the search button for 250 GTOs and Vela Rossa, there is tons of info there.
  15. staledale

    Vella Rossa Kit Manufacturer

    The company is owned and operated by John Washington, a member of this forum. A very stand up guy, well respected and very good to deal with. You won't find any better. He's the only one with the Vella Rossa, that's his baby.