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  1. It wasn't a thread until he made it one, lol.
  2. BRAAP posted about cutting a stock pan apart and modifying it to fit the rack and pinion in a Z32. Holley recently released a new pan for the LS that looks like we dont have to cut anything to fit an LS into a Z32. This is wonderful news. Just wanted to drop by and share this, because im thinking about not converting to TT and have been shopping for a LS for a couple of months now. http://www.motoiq.com/magazine_articles/articletype/articleview/articleid/1939/new-holley-oil-pan-for-ls-engine-swaps.aspx http://www.holley.com/HolleyNews/New%20Holley%20Oil%20Pan%20For%20LS%20Engine%20Swaps.asp Here is the post where BRAAP gives images of what needs to be modified, etc http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/73951-lsx-powered-z-32-go/page__st__20 Compare the Holley pan with BRAAP's images.
  3. That guy proves that Americans arent the only creeps in this world.
  4. Tony, you are tough. You enjoyed it. Sure beats the time my friend kicked a cop in the nuts in TJ, and we all ran for our lives.
  5. Dudes, The first person who can pay me $2,500, takes this entire project. No lower, no questions, no exceptions. $2,500.
  6. The MSA show will be a complete boring waste of time Everyone should drive to Vegas for Redline Time Attack!
  7. You mean people from HybridZ actually entering in a real competition?
  8. Holy crap thats great! My bet is they ditched it after realizing how damn fast it was, sort of an "f- this, too fast"
  9. Put some springs under your seats so when the rust eats through enough, you will james bond right out of the car!
  10. I dont know why cost is even a concern when it comes to walking away from a crash. Buy the best equipment, or dont race
  11. Nice to see this thread. Ive been helping a friend out this week whos AI intended fox body keeps sputtering on riverside and sweeper turns at Buttonwillow, and on turn 2 and the sweeper at Willow. We suspect the carb, but we havent been able to mimic the behavior even when we jack the right side of the car up and run it full throttle in the garage. The carb is an unmodified 4barrel 670cfm Holley Street Avenger, so i would stay away from those until i find out why the engine is sputtering
  12. The Z32 300zx was released today. Soon the 240z will be here too. Now everyone on facebook has to play!
  13. Lakewood isnt the city it used to be PM me if you need local help.
  14. Im already an F1 driver with an RSR 911 GT3 Porsche. Nobody beats me in road racing PS, in Porsche green
  15. Im glad it happened in a parking lot instead of on the freeway going 70mph. How can someone even keep junk like that on the road? Foam? Do you seriously think that was safe? How do you find it funny? Thats disgusting.
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