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  1. http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rds/cto/3615434967.html out here in BC, not mine, just posting to help out
  2. I dont have any info on the fuel cell. the car is currently in storage while I prepare a place for it at my new house. My idea for this car is kind of a vintage resto...I'm considering a triple carb set up as well....but the turbo power is tough to pass on
  3. Hi Guys, I've been hanging around here for a while and figured I should start a build thread. My last project was a 2001 SVT Cobra Convertible, I loved it but I wanted to have something more classic and something a little more budget friendly..yeah right! I picked up this roller last year, no drivetrain or exhaust was included. It was driving before it was taken apart and also had to go through a government safety inspection due to being brought into Canada from the US It looks to be in pretty good shape, the only rust I can see so far is in the dog legs, inner fender
  4. Beautiful car..i will be doing an overseas build as well...great inspiration...can you comment on the wheel/tire set up?
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