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  1. Here is a quick video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTPPGlcDIn0&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  2. Update I installed the hks high power with a vibrant high flow cat and I must say it's really quite but deep clean sound.
  3. Thank you for the help I'm going to change it
  4. They are used but at a good price. Only one lifter is ticking
  5. I have one ticking lifter I found replacement ones but question do I need to remove the camshaft in order to change the lifter or can I change the lifter by itself only .
  6. Do you have the specs for the start up I'm having trouble with mine I need to lean -20 every morning to start it off and then put it back at 0.
  7. Ok then I will just go with hks high power on my car. Thanks
  8. The canister is about 15-17 inches will it fit can someone confirm this.
  9. I have one currently that my buddy is selling me for 80 used but it's huge the canister is gigantic i do not know if it will fit. It's 3 inch inlet and about 5 outlet tip
  10. Yea I like the low deep bass rumble of the n1 but I need something louder. I like the jic and I have had a blitz nur spec one but right now I'm getting a deal on a Jic compared to blitz
  11. So I'm about to upgrade my exhaust and piping for my new rebuilt l28et. I currently have a Megan n1 2 1/2 piping I want to upgrade to either full 3 inch Jic magic or vibrant tpv. I'm looking for a low rumble and sounds good at wot. Thanks any opinions
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