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  1. BJL I have it and I just replied. Thanks pallnet
  2. sanch-HOE I'm here and for some reason I turn on notices and I still get no email alerts. I will be happy to supply another rail setup for your project. You and anyone else can email me direct at pallnet@hotmail.com
  3. Fellow Zers I get an email every so often asking if I'm still around. I'm here if you need my services. Pallnet Allnet on Facebook pallnet@hotmail.com Thanks Pallnet
  4. Email is pallnet@hotmail.com & Facebook is Pallnet Allnet I don't find a lot of time to get on forums much these days. I still donate and use them for the real good info they hold. Thanks pallnet
  5. UPDATE: I'm still going strong. Although I don't get much time to post but as always I'm answering emails and filling orders as they come in. Remember I do ship worldwide. Email me for details. Thanks pallnet pallnet@hotmail.com
  6. I'm sorry everyone. I know I haven't been on hybridZ very much lately. Yes I'm still around and I'm still making fuel rails and TB spacer kits. None of that has changed, The part that has changed is Facebook has become the place to be because of all the groups. I'm on many of the Z groups and I can easily be reached through there or you can email me if you need my services. Send me a PM on here or email if you want my name to add me to your friends list on Facebook. pallnet@hotmail.com
  7. UPDATE: Working a lot and spending a lot of time in the shop filling orders. Thanks pallnet
  8. Replied. I get emails asking if I'm still around. Yes, still alive and kicking. Let me know if I can help. Thanks pallnet
  9. Sir I didn't know about this thread or I would have replied sooner. I see that you have the lime green topped Toyota injectors. They will not work with the stock Datsun EFI ECU. The ones you wanted to switch to are in the thread below, second page and 8 posts down. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/52695-fuel-injector-upgradesswap/page-2 Thanks pallnet
  10. I agree. Post up a few more pics. Especially of how the fuel hoses and FPR are routed on the passenger side of the engine. It could be an issue in the installation or possibly a fuel supply issue. Shooting from the hip, I will ask you a off the wall question... Did you install your FPR in the return line? Thanks pallnet
  11. UPDATE: Working in the shop a lot. Let me know if I can help with your project. Thanks pallnet
  12. Thanks ryan95i4. I'm glad you and many others are happy with your custom fuel rails. Thanks again. pallnet
  13. UPDATE: Still going strong fellas. I'm updating to let everyone know that I'm still around because it's weekly that I get an email or two where people ask if I'm still making fuel rails.. Thanks pallnet
  14. LanceVance: Most of what I was being offered was banged up and/or rusted. Not to mention a little high on the price for the condition. No hard feeling though, I found one in the bunch. I will get a few pics for you sometime today or tomorrow and post them up. Removing the wings without damage will not be easy. I don't see why you can't just make and attach wings to a Z pan. I'm not 100% sure that the one I got will end up on the project but I will be keeping it. I may just remake a regular front sump that I already have. I want to be able to hold as much oil as possible. I'm sure you and
  15. I may be interested in a second as well. Post some pics and I really prefer to keep negotiations in private through emails, I'm shy . I know this is not a part that a lot of people will keep here in the states because Datsun/Nissan gave us very few front sump options. I figure I would see if I can get them here before looking overseas. Thanks pallnet
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