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  1. I am 26 now, on my thrid and hopefully final datsun. When I was 14 I worked for a guy moving old cars for scrap and hauling junk to the crusher. I remember going up to his friends place all of the time to work on a trailer and get things welded and there was this funky little car going up his driveway. It was white, black interior, had headlight covers and just sat there. For 2 yrs I remember going past this car wanting it for no reason other than it looked cool, one day it showed up at the guy i was working for house, I traded a weeks for the car and started to work on it, after a while though things became more expensive than what I was making at the time and was deamed to costly and took a ride to the crusher................I hate myself for that everyday, every single day. It was a 72, perfect body no dings or even swirls in the paint, I can picture it clear as day sitting at my house to this day, I still have the title and vin plate for that car and pay taxes on it every year so I never make that mistake again. The next z I had I posted about on here. Sadly she was just to far gone, I still have most of the pieces but the shell was just swiss cheese. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/90080-my-not-so-epic-z-build-with-epic-time-limit/ The z I have now is a mash-up of different cars, tags say 71 240. I have a feeling it is actually a 280 as the seat belt is in a different position and it has big bumpers. Never really looked into it, dont really care. I have only driven the car 2 miles in the 2 yrs I have owned it. She sits beside my shop everyday cleaned up, washed and waxed, waiting for the day I can actually get around to fixing her up. Between the customer car and trucks I just dont have time right now but every once and a while we push her inside for a couple of days and tinker around. But when we get covered up her lift gets taken by bigger thigns that pay. I have this feeling I will grow old before I get done with this car. I dont care. The Z was my first car, my first step to becoming a mechanic, and now 10yrs later I can say that my business dreamed of, learned from, and even started with a rusty old datsun from the 70s.
  2. Ok maybe its just my imagination but did RB30 block in crear in price 3 fold. I have sent out emails to different suppliers for just a short block and they are wanting 1800$ and up lets not even talk about shipping and that would be to a business address with a forklift. Did I miss something here. I know when we got the block for bens car it was 900 and some change shipped to our house.
  3. I know that on my truck (hx35 under a hx60) before I ported the wategate, changed exhaust housings, and eventually started to run a external dump valve into the downpipe feeling the larger turbo, I was getting surging out of the smaller turbo and that the drive pressure was increasing. I am seeing positive boost at 1600rpm and the second turbo coming online at 2800, it is a little hot but alot better than not spooling the hx60 at all. Maybe its just different on a gas engine
  4. From ATS Website Like I said above I, personally, would not use this setup for the maximum amount of HP but to lower the tourqe curve and increase efficiency
  5. I dont think it should be done to achieve a maximum amount of boost pressure on a gasoline engine. On the L-Toyotas I see it being more advantageous in the broadened tourqe curve.
  6. I am a big diesel guy an I run a set of compounds on my cummins and absolutly love it, But I havnt even seen any kind of mention of a compound set-up on a L-series. Has this ever been done on these engines?, I know a couple of L6 toyotas, and 4g63s have been done but nothing on the L.
  7. Ahhhh ok was the system originally intercooled. This is the kind of information I personally have not been able to find like I said in my original post it's always just talk about the manifold lol.
  8. Do you think that you could make more power out of the kit with the supplied equipment that what it is already putting down. I would assume the kit only has the boost levels at 8-11psi non intercooled would be my guess.
  9. I've been home sick the past couple of days and I've had alot of time to think about some things. Let me start off by saying I do not own a twin turbo manifold or a rhd car that can accept one of these high dollar pieces. I really just want to know if someone on here has had any type of experience with this setup like how much power did it make and what kind of chargers did it use. I searched here but all I found were f/s ads saying it wont work with a rhd car and its always just the manifold.
  10. The diesel just runs out of exhaust temp to further spool the turbo. When you limit the amount of fuel in a diesel you also limit the amount of boost.
  11. Ok I just traded my 1996 miata for a 1990 z32 tt that has a couple of issues. The big issue is that it smokes at random times like when really cold or the first couple of miles of driving til I hit boost. Its a light blue so I know its oil but its only really doing it out of boost. Is this a pvc system problem, oil seals in the turbo or could the rings be shot?. The car is in safety mode I am going to read the ecu today and see what it says, but I couldn't find anything on the main problem I am having. The car is slow reving. Or to me it is it just feelsnso slow to get wound up when reving. And it has no low end power. So I dunno
  12. well I did have to scrap it but that doesnt mean its over with. I still have a good amount of parts, now i just need a shell, like I have everything off of the old car that was still good and most everything that was early s30 so I should be good in that department.
  13. Just looking to buy a s30 shell would like to have a 240 but a 260 or 280 will work my last z was just to far gone after getting it back from blasting. Would like to have a title but is not a must, not is the car being roll able. if you have anything just shoot me a txt at 304-590 five zero seven two.
  14. LMAO I totally ordered some stuff before I knew it was this bad. I think I may have to scrap this shell, it is supported in the air now on stands and it is wanting to bow down in the middle and I braced it before taking everything off. I think it may just be too far gone, if I could find a clean shell with nothing on it I would be happy but they are hard to come by on this coast.
  15. Welll it doesnt look like I will be going to Nashville, the car is just to far gone, we finally got the drivers fender off about 3 wks ago and lets just say Mull has nothing on my rust. I will have some pics up tonight.
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