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  1. Hartspank

    Wind noise from t tops

    The tops aren't closing tight enough you can bend the closing pins a bit to make them tighter I recommend removing brackets from glass first (from another forum,Ii'll try and update)
  2. Hartspank

    Wind noise from t tops

    My 84 AE has a very bad air leak the faster you go. I've had many Z's and none have been this loud. The seals appear good, I Armour-alled the bejusus out of them. New seals? Adjustment? or just life?
  3. Hartspank

    84 AE parts needed

    I'm looking for the factory head unit, floormats and gold key for my 50th AE 300zx. Thank you
  4. Hartspank

    Crashed my '88

    I sideswiped a guardrail with my mint '88. I found a '85 parts car, are the body panels compatible? As in the entire passenger side, most importantly, rear quarter? Pics are too depressing, thanks.
  5. Hartspank

    Z31 aftermarket/oem suppliers

    Thanks for the links, ordered some parts from Arcadiana(: They had some great links to other Z sites as well.
  6. Where do you guys get your parts for your Z31's? Who's good? Who's bad? All info appreciated. Thanks, Jason.
  7. Hartspank

    Check engine light

  8. Hartspank

    New to forum - Pic of my Z31

    Sweet ride bro! Where did you get your exhaust? I'm looking for a bolt on system for my '88 turbo.
  9. Hartspank

    Check engine light

    Hey guys, the check engine light came on in my '88 turbo today. i can't find the diagnostic link for the life of me! The owners manual says to pull the ecu and count the flashing lights. Is that right? How do you get the light off? It runs fine... It is bone stock. Thanks Jason
  10. Hartspank

    race ready 300zx on cl

    Stumbled across this, thought I'd share http://rockford.craigslist.org/ctd/2355497939.html
  11. Interesting kit car http://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/cto/2348611375.html
  12. Hartspank

    Coolest Z31 ever! Or not?

    Hilarious guys! I knew you'd get a kick out off it!
  13. Hartspank

    Should I buy a 77' 280z?

    Once you're bit by the Z bug, it is almost incurable! (hence the existence of this website). Be prepared for a mechanical challenge rewarded by unique automotive bliss.
  14. Hartspank

    Coolest Z31 ever! Or not?

    Found this on Ebay..... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Other-Makes-Spartan-II-1994-Spartan-II-Reconstructed-Nissan-300ZX-2-2-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem483f1774f2QQitemZ310296147186QQptZUSQ5fCarsQ5fTrucks
  15. Hartspank

    Z31 foglights needed in WI

    I need a pair of factory foglights for my '88. Cash or paypal.... Thanks Jason