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  1. yep, but I've almost got it back together, so the price is higher now. U interested?

  2. Is the car still for sale?

  3. Thank you for offering, but thats a little steep & not the exact thickness needed. MSA charges $60.00 & they mark them up a zillion percent, but at any rate, that's your cost.........anyone else?
  4. I wanted to see if anyone has a set of 12 lash pads at .160 thickness for sale, trade, etc. Motorsport called & said they are backordered for 3-6 months and I just don't have that kind of time to wait. Please PM me if you have a set you can part with. Thanks so much.
  5. Trying to buy your car but no response, is it available?


    Cleve Meredith


  6. No sorry bud, I only have a set of 280 rods left...

  7. Hello:

    I'm interested the 240Z connecting rods.Do you still have them?

  8. Smokescreen, I have been trying to buy this very same kit for a year now with 3 "deals" falling through. What is AJUSA & how much did you pay? I will use this kit w/ some personal mods if I can ever buy one! Nice stance BTW, but I want mine a little more "raked". Thanks for any input you can give.
  9. Fubar, that'd be cool! I really only need the items listed, I just wanted to check here before buying new again. Sicky, yes let me see some pics!
  10. Is it the 8 hole drilled gear or a full swivel adjusting gear? Honestly, looking for a little cheaper for used, but may consider it....
  11. Hey man! We'll have to get up with each other one day, being so close. No thanks on the head, I have a bundle of them & blocks. I just wanted to find these items for the "hush, hush" L-29ET motor I've got on the stand currently. I just couldn't believe the new prices for this stuff currently! Inflation sucks!
  12. What a cryin' shame! Fiberglass should be used to save some weight...geez...even with the claimed power of "350", this thing would still be a terd at 9,000 pounds!
  13. I want to buy the following performance parts at a reasonable price: 1) L6 adjustable cam gear, ie. HKS, Kameari, Nismo, Jun, etc. 2)L6 225mm aluminum light weight flywheel with bolts if available, ie. Fidanza, Nismo, Clutchnet, etc. 3)L6 single row harmonic dampner (race style) w/ or w/o performance bolt/ washer kit Thanks, & look forward to offers!
  14. If you dont have one yet, I have an excellent one for $15 including shipping! PM me for Paypal details....
  15. I have a set of 16 in chrome I'll sell for $30+ shipping. Great shape, but i wont separate.
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