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  1. I do! Though I really need to get a new car so I don't add more miles onto this...
  2. I just saw this today... Damn a lot of views on that video!!! Maybe we will be seeing more s30s on the road!!! haha. So whos idea was it to use the old Z's anyways? Did they ask for S30's?
  3. lol i figured thre was already a thread on this.. thanks
  4. At 1:18 she gets into a red 240 or 280z... Theres a white one next to it as well - I was like WHOA! haha
  5. Iv always liked the brown with the black exterior, never noticed it on the blue and I have to say its pretty legit!
  6. Gosh its been two years... I dont remember I think it was in the $150-200 range... But I could be off. Non the less its worth every penny man.
  7. You have to give him your tail lights and he will do it for you, hes on this forum too. His email is wolfin32z@yahoo.com (David Irwin)
  8. Yes a friend of mine did the LED's. 16.8 rims 50 series tires. Thanks!
  9. Just did a short video of my car, this is as it looks of March 19th My 280Z Video
  10. Thanks for the info guys! ill take this in consideration for sure! As for doing an "alignment" someone told me it can't be done on this because just because of the fact that its on coilovers and its "to low" he also told me the car has "negative camber" and its horrible for the car. I'm not saying hes wrong about the camber because it does, but I mean.... What car doesn't when you put coilovers on? Yeah it can cause stress on the car but I don't even drive it all that much anyways.
  11. I turn my lights on every time I start the car, its just a habit. Thanks.
  12. Are you talking about sway bars or something? I'm not sure what that means haha. Thanks guys!
  13. Here's another video I just uploaded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqy599-VP-g There's no driving because my car is stuck in the garage.... Damn door is broken.
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