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  1. Normally this would would be a walk in the park, but death in family and now health problems. Everything is in the 240 hatch. Crap.Check in when I can.
  2. I like shiny not to show, but I can clean up with Windex. Took Z out today to burn up some gas (and rubber).I mention thus because most people hate their carburetors. Sniper has some big shoes to fill as my not off the shelf carb runs so well. Idle is a nice lope 1100RPM but can go as low as 750. The tip in from idle to cruise or power is seamless. Response tight, perfect. No hiccups, hesitations, burps, just the way you'd want. I can lug around in 4th in town 30 mph and nail it run to redline WOT no problem. I'm expecting all of this and more from the Sniper. All parts are here. Looking
  3. Found 17 in Stock Amazon. $999.95 Prime free shipping. Got the shiny. Arriving Tuesday! Pump, filter, fittings all shipping as well. Props to Summit for great customer service and no fuss cancellation. Better go waste some gas to get tank down.
  4. Lots of available other brands, FI tech etc. Fast have poor reviews. Many tbi fi systems look similar. Everything I researched said Sniper is the best system of its kind. I appreciate the suggestion. I'll wait. I cancelled the master kit. I have enough line, already getting a better filter and I'm not sure I like their pump choice. I re ordered just the basic kit which says will be available sooner. Finger's crossed.
  5. Just got bumped back another month on back order. Reminds me of when I was hunting down the first Wii, or lately Nintendo Switch for the kids. Might as well enjoy another summer of old school.
  6. It would be nice to have custom ready to go braided stainless. My list is for instant gratification, but will upgrade lines for long term. I have some braided, but not enough. I'm using the Victor Jr with phenolic 4 hole spacer. Here's an image of the lines I'm working with, sort of. If I move the inlet line to the fire wall from the fender the existing braided might reach the EFI inlet. Kind of odd they put it in the back by the linkage. Fuel pressure gauge? I heard right before the inlet. The return is near the fender side so maybe that line will reach too. Another question popping
  7. So far organizing and ordering miscellaneous fuel line adapters. 2 -8 AN for the pump in and outlets, PN 26-180 -8, to attach to my rear lines. I'm leaving my Mallory 140 canister fuel filter in place as a pre pump filter, 40 micron. I didn't like the looks of the included post pump/ pre efi unit filter. It reminds me of the old 1970s filters I used to pop on my Gremlin . Ordered a nice inline Holley Black billet, PN 162-550 with mounting brackets that is configured with Female 3/8” NPT inlet and outlet to go with my engine bay -8 line and fittings I'll harvest from my old regulator. Then o
  8. I've been a die hard carburetor guy but I think it's time to try something new. Seems this might be a popular system in the near future. I just ordered Master Kit today, Part#: SNE-550-511K Item: HOLLEY SNIPER EFI KIT. Long backorder wait 6+ weeks.
  9. Downloaded the install pdf. This is getting even simpler. So just a fuel pump couple of filters and return line from the EFI unit which is internally regulated. No sumps, regulators, vapor lines. I'll start a new thread when I purchase.
  10. I need to drive my gas tank down to less than 6 gallons, then I can pump out with the fuel pump. I have only been out once this year, once last year to spank a GTR. I'm one of those guys who has drilled and tapped the entire HP Carburetor, metering blocks, power valves,air bleeds, tapped and put in my own bleeds, bought a wide band and tuned for weeks. My carb really works well perfect 14.5:1 cruise, 12.5 WOT, no flat spots, idles 1100...nearly 30 mpg, with a +.600 lift 244 @ .050 108* cam.... weather changes much, so does the tune. Blah. The art of carb tuning is dying out. I'm tired of th
  11. They both sound like a can of worms, the more I read. Might just be better to run an inline EFI Holley pump in the rear,the 12-600 and 12-800 are suitable for hotter locations. Compact (7.5” long x 3” wide x 2.75” tall) for easy installation on frame rails or other tight areas and the new Holley return filter up front. They fit -6-8. Would save me a lot of plumbing, no vent, just my -8 return already in place. 1 line in. 1 to FI, 1 to return. Sure is a lot smaller than the sumps anyway. Holley EFI Filter Regulator; Combines Fuel Filter/Regulator Into 1 Assembly; 175 GPH; 1
  12. Interesting unit. I'll look into it as well. I'm a little concerned with their tiny 1/4 return and .055" diameter restriction hole in the "IN" port . You still have to run a line back to the tank. The MC Powersurge: PowerSurge is intended for street and drag racing applications where the engine is not at or near full throttle for more than one mile at a time. If you are using the PowerSurge for other applications (speed boat, circle track, road racing, top speed contests, etc), the size of the return line from the PowerSurge to fuel tank must be increased and the restriction in the "IN"
  13. Kind of related, but I'm about ready to jump on the Holley Sniper efi. The smaller unit supports up to 650 HP. I plan to keep my Mallory 140 pump and regulator in case I want to go back to carbureted. I'd use the Mallory at low pressure 7 psi to feed a FITech fuel command center, high pressure sump mounted in engine bay. Already have had the wide band 02 for years. It seems they add more features to the sniper every day. Data logging, Blow through, spark control, more tuning control, new 8 injector for serious HP etc. Anyone else considering this unit?
  14. Back in the day I tired Motosports lowering springs. Looked cool, but hated the parking bumps, Apples left in the road etc. I went to the red Arizona Z car springs, the ones that have higher rate, but near stock height. Love them and never looked back. I don't see them on their site anymore, but every now and then they pop up used. Also found with my 383, T56, Aluminum heads, manifold, waterpump, lightweight flywheel etc really lightened the front end. Not as hunkered down but easier to drive around in the real world
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