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  1. OK fellow gear heads, I need a 73 240z Gas Tank. I will pay you top dollar for one that is clean but no I am not paying you over 150 bucks. Sorry it just will not happen.
  2. Still for sale? I may have a two for one deal for you.
  3. Fellow 240z Gearheads, I am looking to trade a semi complete 240z with a SBC for an extremely clean and professionally done rotisserie 240z shell. That means, all I want is a super clean and primer(ed) body, doors, hood, and ATTACHED interior dash/electronics/center console. If your car is already a high glossy black or super dark cherry red with high gloss, then that is ideal for me. I will do a straight trade if yours has all the normal parts but just not installed or partially installed. If its missing parts then lets talk about it. My 73 240z has a Chevy 350 engine already in it and it is pretty much ready to go, but it needs a bit of work on it. This car is perfect for a reasonably good mechanic with access to a lift as most of the work needed requires it. I bought the car some years ago to test how a 240z Chevy 350 conversion would run before going to a more serious setup. I am now ready but want to move to an LS7 conversion instead which will require new mounts and tranny setup. So I want to start with a very clean base. This car is ok as a daily driver and possibly a go fast daily car. I need something a little more show ready and super solid for a strip and road race car. Here are the problems with it. The flexplate (gear that engages with the starter) needs replacing. It also needs the timing set. When it ran it was pretty strong and it smoked just a bit (I am assuming because of the tuning issue). I also started replacing the transmission cooling unit but did not complete it. It will also need a radiator flush. Lastly, I have two starters for the car. One is too big (Chevy regular starter size) to fit on the custom headers. The other is the right size but I think the flywheel issue may require another. I installed a brand New Holley Street Dominator Carburetor, distributor, custom exhaust, Borla muffler, and custom headers. If interested send me a note to lvto2000@gmail.com or just contact me here. BTW - if you don't live in my state then your parts car needs to be able to be shipped or if you live close by (within 200 miles of Alexandria Virginia) then I can pick it up.
  4. evilz

    Stolen 1971 240z

    By the way it was a 72 240z with all standard stuff on it. I tried to keep it stock but with some slight accents like the wheels and exhaust. The exhaust was custom built but it looked stock.
  5. evilz

    Stolen 1971 240z

    Thanks for the question. It had the Inki wheels on it. They look like BBSs. They were black like the car was but I think the person painted those the same ugly color brown or green. The back hatch was orange and the rest of the car was black before they stole it. It had a dented front light. The engine had KN large circular air filters. At the time it was stolen it had just had the engine rebuilt so it was brand spanking new. But it has been so long since it was stolen that I doubt the car looks anything like it did when I had it. Its been about 15+ years ago when it was stolen. I found the vin and thought a quick search on the internet may reveal something with the VIN but no. Oh yes the tag was a VA tag that said BZ-240Z. Thats about all I have.
  6. Hybrid's I had a Z stolen from me years ago before the Internet was popular. Yes that is your cue to laugh out loud. But, It was my pride and joy. I just recently found the title to the car and thought you Hybrid's could assist in keeping your eye out for it. Here is the Vin#: HLS30-52885 This car was stolen from my home in Washington DC. I saw what may have been the car with either South or North Carolina tags on it but the police could not get there fast enough. It was Black but the person had painted it Brown or Green with spray paint. Anyone with information that leads to the recovery of the car may receive $500 - $1000 reward if I find the car in tact.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I followed and I am not having success. When you say "press the latch open" am i going up down left right? What am I pressing? BTW I have all the covers on the back off. The lock is not exposed but I can reach with my fingers. I can push down slightly on the circular latch with a slight lip on the bottom. I can also push slightly to the left. The Trunk is still locked tight.
  8. Ok folks, no laughing. I just bought my 5th 240Z. (1973) I finally got a V8z and was all too happy. So happy that I put on new breaks, new exahust and new carb before finding out that the trunk wont open. The key goes in but will not turn. I am assuming that A. the old owner replaced the trunk and did not give me the new key B. Welded it shut C. I am an idiot and did not turn it some way that would release. I am assuming A. Any reccommendations on releasing the trunk latch from the inside would be helpful and win the poster a virtual beer. Seriously folks, any help would be appreciated.
  9. Nice.. Thanks for the help. I got the borla XR-1 oval 12 inch. Its supposed to be delivered today. Will post pics or share why I sent it back. LOL!
  10. Thanks for the help on the oval setup. I still wonder if the XR-1 round or offset will hide well and what size. I am leaning more toward the rounds for the sound too. I am thinking the offset can be turned and the higher end up in the body. Take a look at these: http://www.borla.com/products/prod_window.aspx?image=/media/prod_images/xlarge/40004S.jpg
  11. Hello forum. I am new to Hybrid-z but have had Z's forever. Appreciate the good posts so far. It has helped me with some tough decisions regarding dual vs. single. This is my 4th but first V8 240z. I have a small block 350 in it with headers, dual 2.5 inch pipes, holly ultra street avenger, Weiand manifold and a slight cam. Its delivering about 300hp. I have straight pipe on it now and I want a bit more rich sound to the exhaust note. I also want the new 3 inch muffler to tuck neatly under the rear. Take a look at this car ( not mine. Its the one mine wants to be when it grows up) http://www.modified.com/features/0605_sccp_1971_nissan_240z/photo_03.html The exhaust in the rear is exactly what I want. He is running a Borla XR-1 but he does not share if it is a round or offset, length and width. I am looking at a Borla XR-1 round but its 15 inches long. My custom exhaust guy says I can only fit 12 inches without serious bends. Looking for some help from you folks regarding the right set up. Please post pics if you have them. Again my goal is to have it tucked neatly under the rear where all you see is the pipe and not any parts of the muffler itself. Thanks
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