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  1. I don't know if this will matter but we already have a megasquirt setup to install as soon as we can have the downpipe done for the T3/T4 turbo upgrade done.
  2. Actually bought and modified it (spacer, cable linkage, etc) about five years ago. It was from a 240sx. Did not realize it was from an automatic. Had the head rebuilt and then the car was laid up. Just gave it to one of my sons and his mechanic got the car started. Sounded great but the mechanic said the TPS was wrong. I do have the original 280zxt TPS but the bolt up is different.
  3. WTB the TPS for a 60mm throttle body upgrade to a 1982 280ZX turbo, suitable for use on a 5 speed gearbox. My mechanic claims the one I received when I purchased the upgrade throttle body years ago is for an automatic transmission.
  4. WTB engine oil pan for a 1982 280zx turbo car. I am located in Queens New York.
  5. Courtesy Nissan in Texas tells me Nissan no longer stocks the rear end seal for the 1982 280Zx turbo car 5-speed gearbox - which I think is a Borg & Warner? Anyone has any idea where I can get a replacement? Also, Nissan wants an arm and a leg for the little rubber? connection between the oil-pan and the turbo drain-pipe. Is there any other less expensive replacement i can use?
  6. Looking for a relatively clean hood for a 1982 280ZX turbo car. Prefer, if available, one that I can pick-up either in New York City or Albany, NY area.
  7. I have removed the engine from my 1982 280ZXT to replace the head. I will also replace the timing setup. This is the 1st time I am doing this type of repairs, and I am confused by the hugh variety of different sealants at the autoparts store. I am looking for recommendations on which sealant I should use with each of the different gasket involved, including the oil-pan gasket. Any instructions on how to use the gaskets, e.g. spread thick, or thin film only, etc, would also be welcome.
  8. Still looking for a Black replacement console
  9. Thanks Jamal, but I only want a black one. Yours seems to be cracked and repaired. At this time I prefer not to buy a damaged one. I will wait awhile and see if another member has a better one.
  10. WTB: Black instrument console for a 1982 280ZX. This is the plastic part below the dash in which the radio/stereo is sited. Need only the plastic part - NOT the metal bracket. Please email or PM price including shipping to NY 12303
  11. Ordered one from ZBarn. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Thanks everyone. Wow! And I thought it was a freak incident caused by the potholes! I guess I am returning to stock bushings.
  13. No further contact from Mario except that he may have one. Any other member has this left front suspension TENSION COMPRESSION ROD available for sale? Would much prefer a used one before I face the dealer in my area.
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