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  1. I’m asking this here because this is a Z specific forum. I’m dressing a Rebello built 3.0 stroker for use in my 240Z. I’m using Haltech Elite 2500 and I’d like to do drive by wire. My intake is a 280Z that has been extrude honed. I have a TWM Big Throat throttle body but I’m open to anything that gets me drive by wire. What have others done? pictures for interest.
  2. And then I did this today... Hoke Trigger Wheel on Professional Products dampener.
  3. FYI, MSA just called me yesterday to tell me they got their shipment of the Performance Industries dampeners and wanted to know if I was still a go. Well ya!
  4. Using that excellent resource from NewZed, I have picked out some high impedance EV1 injectors that fit my calculated specs nearly perfectly. I discovered when researching them that they even have a nickname! Green Giant injectors!
  5. Got a part number or a year and model? I think I'm going to run with this too. Might as well take advantage of all the tech I can with this.
  6. So apparently, if I use the Supra injectors, they are high Z and don't require resistors. One of you says 10mm and the other 11mm rail though?
  7. On a slight High jack of my own thread, will MS3X fire the stock cold start injector? And yes, I realize that's not the original.
  8. I don't think so. I'm just putting together choices. You're the second to suggest this. As a bonus, a good friend is a Toyota parts manager!
  9. I calculate my new Rebello engines injector needs at 29.4# or 309cc. What have you guys used or can you suggest a reference. I'm just looking for options and opinions on what works. I have one suggestion from one of our Canadian members and I may go that direction but I always like to compare and contrast.
  10. Jacky, I'd love to see pictures of your build. Especially the Bosch MAF. I did manage to get one out of Ireland. So it would be cool to see how you set yours up. I was thinking I'd put a silicone house from the throttle body to the MAF, then more tubing, either stainless or silicone to in front of the radiator.
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