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  1. Hello, My name is Jim and I live in North Carolina. Looking to get a 240z that need to have some life brought back into it. I have a 1983 280ZX and looking to add a 240. Thanks Jim
  2. Well good for you I have a 83 280zx and I will also be getting another z and it is a 1971 240z
  3. Ok here is a update on my conversion. We have too issues. One the turbo itself needs new seals and bearing. When we let off the gas she will smoke as the oil was being pulled through the seals and out the exhaust. WE did have another issue once we reached 3000 rpm's she would spit and sputter. We looked at the fuel lines, injectors, timing, air filters, erg, oxy sensor. We finally removed the vaccum line from the valve cover and she ran fine. We then looked at teh air flow meter and did an adjustment there. Put the line back on the valve cover and she was being choked
  4. I will call them Monday and thanks
  5. Good evening to you all. My turbo conversaion has hit a snag. The seals in my T3 are shot and the turbo needs to be rebuild. I live in North Carolina. Looking for some good places that could rebiuld my t3. Please let mw know.
  6. Good evening to you all. Recently installed a turbo engine into my 1983 280zx. Having a issue with the turbo. While the exhaust is on the turbo will spit out oil and smoke out the exhaust. Take off the exhaust and it is fine. Have changed the pcv, checked all of the vaccum lines. The exhaust has no blockage. I am lost what may be causing this. Your guidance in this would be very helpful. Help me get my now 280zxt back on the road.
  7. Well we got the engine in and installed a Pallnet fuel rail. Rewired all the injectors with a quick disconnect that we got off of a Buick. Started right up then the plugs were getting soaked with gas. Found out it was the cylinder temp senors was not grounded. Took care of that then we have 1/2 qt of oil every nine minutes comesing out the exhaust. Found out the pcv was bad changed that out and then she was ok. She will be back on the road 8-9-08 one day after my 51 brithday wooo....
  8. Well to give you all a update so far. My buddy and I worked on the car over the 4th of July and we worked on her for 3 days. Rewired all of the injectors with a Buick quick disconnect harness, a custom fuel rail. Of course had to run new wires for the boost gauages and some of the other bells and whistes. Looking to get her back this weekend. In California working right now.
  9. The electronics will be upgarded along with the AFM and the injectors, dizzy and the others. The exhaust will remain the same. The tranny is a BW T5
  10. Hi everyone, The forth of July is approaching and so is my engine upgrade. I will be installing a turbo engine along with a inter cooler. I have already picked up a new garrett T3 turbo to put on the car. My buddy and I will be doing the change over. Once we get the car running my plan is to upgrade to the mega squirt system for better management of the engine. Here is what my ride looks today, http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g195/whew41/ . Any pointers would be helpful in this upgarde and thanks in advance. Jim North Carolina
  11. It mat be your lighting relay or your lighting switch depending on the following: Realy test high beam comes on when lighting switch is set to 2nd position (H) (L) terminals of harness connector with test lead. Switch test High beam comes on when (5), (6), (7), (8) and (9) terminals of harness connector to combination switch are connected witb test lead
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