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  1. It's been a while since I paid for a couple of them...Still waiting. ;0)
  2. I was in a non-fault bad accident once when a Dodge Colt station wagon flew off of the freeway overpass and landed across the hood of my Shelby Mustang and also across the hood of the Volvo sedan that was traveling next to me. The impact came from the side the Volvo was on, and the Volvo absorbed the bulk of the impact, I figure. What saved me and my passenger was that upon impact, the long steel hood buckled and folded in half and was bent back covering the windshield opening and the passenger compartment preventing anything from the dodge to get in. The Mustang body absorbed a huge amount of damage, but mostly the areas around the seats were intact afterwards. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt at the time, and thinking back to the crash it was probably a good move on my part because my drivers door was pushed in toward the center of the car and I was able to move my body away from the door toward the center of the car. The shifter and tranny hump was about 2 feet higher than normal after the crash, but I still had room to move away from the impact. The front of the car was completely flattened up to the firewall. My passenger and I walked away from that one, but the people in the Volvo weren't as lucky, they were killed as were the two people in the Dodge. The "crumple zones" on the Shelby did their job as far as I was concerned. My car was towed away and I never saw it again. I bought a beater '70 Ford Galaxie right after that and drove it for a year or so, it didn't have a straight fender on it but I felt damn safe in that big boat! People saw me coming and got out of my way ;0)
  3. Paul, Your Z is the February Car of the Month in our Newsletter! ;0)
  4. Paul, you Bastard! That car is going to be an experience. I can't wait to see and hear it this summer. Marty
  5. Outstanding! That's exactly what I was looking for, that's a great find. Thanks! ;0)
  6. Remember the 240SX that had the "custom" 240Z frontend? Does anyone have a picture of those cars?
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