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  1. So I had a driver controlled braking issue. I didn’t stop in time. mechanically fine, my fibreglass is amazingly strong but needs repair. The car sat at about 110mm off the ground, without rubbing guards. I have now dropped it another 25mm and guards were engaging tyres. Rather than repeat some bodywork issues I decided to create a little more space. Category rules are must have front bumber but can extend 100mm forward for undertray and 100mm wider on guards. Gonna try my luck making a full front clip. Very time consuming, but oddly satisfying. Fellow competitors pay upwards of $10k for a front clip (mold and one panel set). Mine will be stronger with lots of Kevlar and prob $2k with replacement panels at half that price. Aiming for less than 25kg for whole front (guards, bonnet and front spoiler).
  2. Car is still around. Still drysumped LS2, jenvey throttles with quaife 6 speed sequential and independent 9 inch. 18 x 11 wheels and 300 mm slicks all round, big AP brakes. Cool car, but the process over 9 years has been expensive. 3 x R200s, 3 t56 gearbox’s, 3 sets of coil overs, 2 sets of brakes (plus numerous rotors and pads -last set of maintenance rotors and pads was $3400. I motor blown due to oil pressure, one due to a lifter, one cooked, but still ran. Driveline is not bullet proof, but works hard so requires a little maintenance. Video is what I class as a diagnostic video. It also happens to show a Z doing a 2.18 lap around Bathurst. My quaife had dropped one tooth on 3rd gear.
  3. Not my first rodeo on driveshafts either.
  4. My 3.25 ratio is rarely used, I am actually gonna re-lash the gears this time as I forget tooeach time I use it. I have been waiting for some new vents from the USA for 3 months now. They should arrive soon I hope. bathurst is a hard track to build confidence at, zero room for error for over half of the track. pretty proud of not lifting for the kink too!
  5. Lost a tooth on each of the 3rd gears. new one on the way. power out on start was isolator flicking off on change to 3rd gear. Had me stumped for a sec.
  6. So, purely for diagnostic purposes, I have a video. Ummm just trying to work out a noise.......
  7. Wish I could put up a in car lap. Powers that be reckon they own my footage from my camera.
  8. I just raced at Bathurst in Australia with my highly modified 280zx. Mixed weekend with a 5 sec PB for qualifying. Racing was a bit too serious for my liking over the hill in race 1. Race 2 managed to snap another drive shaft. Race 3 from rear of grid was awesome. New PB 3 seconds better again. 2m18.7 man I’m happy! video is TV coverage of practice IMG_4126.mov
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