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  1. Not my first rodeo on driveshafts either.
  2. My 3.25 ratio is rarely used, I am actually gonna re-lash the gears this time as I forget tooeach time I use it. I have been waiting for some new vents from the USA for 3 months now. They should arrive soon I hope. bathurst is a hard track to build confidence at, zero room for error for over half of the track. pretty proud of not lifting for the kink too!
  3. Lost a tooth on each of the 3rd gears. new one on the way. power out on start was isolator flicking off on change to 3rd gear. Had me stumped for a sec.
  4. So, purely for diagnostic purposes, I have a video. Ummm just trying to work out a noise.......
  5. Wish I could put up a in car lap. Powers that be reckon they own my footage from my camera.
  6. I just raced at Bathurst in Australia with my highly modified 280zx. Mixed weekend with a 5 sec PB for qualifying. Racing was a bit too serious for my liking over the hill in race 1. Race 2 managed to snap another drive shaft. Race 3 from rear of grid was awesome. New PB 3 seconds better again. 2m18.7 man I’m happy! video is TV coverage of practice IMG_4126.mov
  7. Trying to get heat out through bonnet rather than under the car. roof ended up saving 19kg. bonnet is currently fibreglass at 12.5kg - carbon is under 5kg and stiff FullSizeRender.mov
  8. I use 5kg springs in rear. Very soft and I have quite a bit of droop. I have been watching a heap of the videos ole mate did with his carbon 240z. Now having a go learning carbon. If all goes to plan I might make a fuel cell to sit right behind rear towers and mount my wing off the cross between the towers. Then I have a bucket load of space under there and we may go to a double wishbone style set up, or at least some sort of locator behind diff. can’t wait to cut all that metal out. Carbon Skin is 2kg
  9. So, I guess it worked , I am able to get a bit of camber and a bit of toe equal on both sides. Easier to control on throttle oversteer now. Here is how I spent my weekend
  10. So I have been unfortunate enough to be able to break almost all components in the rear. my rear end now consists of a independent nine inch, billet axle and stubs with Porsche race cv’s. All hanging in a modified 280zx subframe. Yes I still break stuff. this day I found the left was separating itself out near the hub. We replated the whole lot, on the left, but replaced the right with a arm from a 280z 1979, (told they were identical - and look identical, bar the brake mount) strengthened as well. When reassembly we had to remanufacture a dog one for the right rear brake. Now although these rear arms arm similar. I am having terrible issues with camber and toe. The right side is positive camber, even with adjustable eccentric bushes I cannot go negative. Car is crazy fast, really pushing the limits on standard suspension points, want to try a R33 style rear but it just takes up to much space. We are gonna try removing the mounts and add 3 hein joints. I could scare you with some of the measurements of my set up
  11. Always evolving. Stay tuned for some rear end work. I have found I have slight differences in my rear trailing arms. Even with the adjustable eccentric bushes I am unable to get any neg camber or toe on my right rear. Rather than reinvent the wheel, or add a new subframe we are gonna work on the mounts. The 9 inch rear cost me way to much to start from scratch.....
  12. https://youtu.be/vj48VGalIDg I might just leave this here
  13. Further updates... now independent 9 inch and Quaife sequential. and I went racing. In Australia we call this sport sedans. You can race anything, as long as 6 litre capacity and engine in mid to front. Most guys in this video are tube chassis running SB2 chev.
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