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  1. It has to be either a vent or return hose doesn't it, for a more definitive answer maybe try the 350Z forum.
  2. ^ Enquired as to shipping cost to my part of the world.^
  3. The 350Z forum is the place to go for that sort of info.
  4. Hoping I've worked this out because a OS Giken LSD is on it's way.
  5. Might add that to get a 2+0 I had to import one from Japan, that was years ago and it's still with me. Currently getting a LS3/6L80E transplant for circuit action. Treasure your 2+0's Murrica, just because they might be still common should not affect their desirability, with some front end smoothing they look schmik.
  6. In car race video is badly needed, once sorted and they all have to be sorted, this masterpiece should be a great nicely balanced circuit car.
  7. Check what the regulated fuel pressure should be, around 50 psi rings a bell. AN fittings are good because they are easily disassembled unlike push on fittings so use them at least with something like a fuel filter.
  8. As the title says. The short nose R200 stub axles are equal length and are I think from a S15 SR20DET helical diff, there is a LSD listed for the S15 in the OSG Japan catalogue but S15 specs varied a lot from country to country. Which is why the title info is needed, pic below of stubs.
  9. Great thread, the VQ is a bit neglected as a swap for the S30 or the S130, as a track bloke I like being able to set the engine way back, estimated weight distribution 45/55 which will help get that power down. The sorted 6 speed VQ gearbox is also a strong unit and supercharger kits are not too expensive.
  10. Those captive compression bush mounts are the only way to go for a race car, rubber in tension is not good.
  11. This wheel alignment business is a PITA for us amateurs as would taking wheels off to do it. There must be a better (laser) way.
  12. Pity that the Z has to be degraded by using Porker parts but they do suit. Good choice.
  13. So ,in addition to the OP's setup jigs, what budget alignment equipment would be needed?
  14. Cooling problems on my 280ZX were fixed by removing the stock bonnet vent inserts and replacing them with coarse mesh with a mini air dam in front to kick the air over the vent and create a low pressure area over the vent.
  15. Any problem with the RB25's radiator? Are hose sizes a problem? Because any 3 core aluminium radiator that fits will be sufficient cooling wise.
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