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  1. While you are at it look at adding some additional X member to chassis attachments, the stock four points are inadequate if you want to race your car. How do I know this? Because those stock nuts used to come loose on mine, heavy braking puts a hell of a load on those four bolts.
  2. The trailing arm with two lateral links I designed was based on modified Z31 suspension, see the bottom pic in tube 80z's post above for a similar suspension type. For your car tir33d a Z31 may be a better starting point. But I still have all my Z31 5 stud suspension plus a new big brake kit doing nothing, the only parts I'd want money for would be the brake kit plus a bit for the new parts that were needed. BUT, IT"S PICK UP ONLY and some of the fabrication was done to suit a R200 long nose diff. Plus it would all need measuring with the data put through a suspension program. that would be essential. Alternatively, tube's info above is on the money if you want to retain the semi trailing arm setup.
  3. Eeeeek!! You should know by now Jon that once you get into calculations everyone else shakes their heads and walks away.
  4. Don't forget to get on top of the electronics, whatever inputs the 370Z has you are going to have to replicate eg speed input. Otherwise your dash is going to turn into a X'mas tree with all the pretty lights. Mechanical stuff is easy comparatively, for me anyway.
  5. The difference between the weight of a L standard gearbox and the VQ lump would be considerable, relevant to weight distribution too. The VQ box is way stronger of course, Z32 box is good for 500 hp.
  6. All I 'knoiw' is some of the 350Z forum's discussions, apparently inter engine swaps are problematical to say the least. Might be best to go to that forum if nothing turns up here.
  7. A bit of a secret, my 280ZX has S15 rear suspension but originally it could not be mounted high enough so that meant a compromise in ride height. With the second version it's been shoved up higher after extensive body surgery/butchery and has had a GK Tech suspension kit fitted, project is still a work in progress. Would not do such a transplant again, the program I mentioned was showing some some good figures for the trailing arm with two lateral links project suspension I played with, a similar suspension was used by BMW. So something like tube80z mentioned would I think be a practical conversion using a computer program. On the S30 the 'problem' may very well be that it doesn't do anything as it goes through it's motion, like gain some toe ☺️☺️ Ah the 911. Fast into a corner using those big brakes so you can't pass up the inside, doesn't matter what happens mid corner because it's going to block you, fast out of the corner because they put the power down like a front engine can't. Hard to beat something with those dynamics.
  8. When I was playing with a trailing arm with two lateral links rear suspension design on a basic suspension program, a change in a pick up point by as little as 10 mm could make a lot of difference. Variables included both the static and dynamic roll centres where a small adjustment may eg send the roll centre moving laterally by quite a bit with just some vertical suspension movement. So you may work out getting the roll centre up to a reasonable static height only to find it going crazy with suspension movement. Fascinating stuff, if you have a program.
  9. Go to the end of the vid, syncronised oversteer. Probably over exuberance there LOL
  10. Here's some historic type V8 action for you, go metric and your speedo will wind around quick too LOL.
  11. No worries, we all are wondering about stuff and things. Anyway I thought that the Z31 had revised geometry, maybe Nissan kept quiet about the earlier revision to use it as a selling point for the Z31. At one stage I did a lot of research on semi trailing arm suspension, BMW of course tweaked theirs to perform very well, the research led to the UK where some pretty drastic mods were made, not to Z's but whatever Brit cars (Fords?) had STA suspension, it was a while ago. Basically they ended up close to a full trailing arm suspension which proved itself in competition. And of course practically eliminated camber change. The Mac strut S30 rear suspension was great in it's day and still is good but it seems hard to tune, snap oversteer anyone?
  12. It has to be either a vent or return hose doesn't it, for a more definitive answer maybe try the 350Z forum.
  13. ^ Enquired as to shipping cost to my part of the world.^ Edit: US$260, about what I expected but ...........
  14. The 350Z forum is the place to go for that sort of info.
  15. Hoping I've worked this out because a OS Giken LSD is on it's way.
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