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  1. We can't make those sorts of decisions for you but in my experience a project car should be built as a hobby, not as a job. It helps heaps if you have another car that can be used as a sort of substitute while building The Project.
  2. Am about to get a Wavetrac helical LSD for the non Z car. Is it really the same as all the others or does it do what is claimed?
  3. One thing that I note with older US used parts is the amount of rust, is that part of your ecological programme? Rust is recycled iron so that's good, it's seizure effect is there to persuade you to throw the part away and buy new which is good for your economy. Or China's?
  4. For lubrication queries like your I always go to a original suppliers website to see what they recommend. They usually describe the type of lubricant that they recommend, the last time I checked a special moly grease was recommended for CV joints.
  5. Coming from another angle, the S30 body is marginal strength wise by current standards, with a significantly more powerful engine a better car will result from body strengthening. There are kits available for that purpose, using them results in a much more satisfying car to drive.
  6. The volume of this thread has lost me as to what's been covered but a DSG transmission is a must here, engines are important but it's the drive train that connects the power to the ground. Or not.
  7. That car in the video I posted still has Mac strut suspension, it has a mildly tuned LS engine and nothing particularly special otherwise. It would be faster around a circuit than 99% of the cars here, it's been tweaked over a number of years to get it just right. Let's keep in mind too that those marvellous wonderful god like P cars use Mac struts at the front and that there are proven improvements available for the Z car's suspension from several vendors. I don't want to be negative about someone's product but the above should be kept in mind. PS On the subject of P cars, they just go to show that if enough money is thrown at a project and the best pro drivers are involved you can win world titles.
  8. The reason for the Porsche video is to show how a reduction of inside rear grip can be used to help the car rotate in a corner, it's incidental that it's a Porsche. Rotating a car in a corner can be the fastest way, enter a corner quickly, turn in so that the car rotates and then exit quickly. If that is the fastest way then it does not matter which tyres have what weight, the intention is to go fastest not to be fixated on equal weight on all tyres which will never be constant in a dynamic situation like cornering anyway. For some cars the fastest way involves lifting a inside front, no weight on that tyre at all. Vid of a deceptively fast Z, note the great corner rotation.
  9. With some body stiffening via a roll cage, original type suspension and appropriate power this Z just goes to show how good basically the S30 is. What other car from that era can match it?
  10. If anyone really wants to see a highly developed rear suspension in action check this video out. It seems to me that in cornering the inside wheel is designed to lose grip (look at the wheel angle) while the outside has full grip and drives the car around the corner at an angle.
  11. Yes, suspension design is a bit of a black art, just because someone with the best of intentions puts out a product it does not necessarily follow that it will perform well in practice. Design is everything, there are suspension programs around which will show you exactly what certain alignment dynamics will give you but they don't tell you how they will work in practice. You have to know what you want in detail eg roll centre, before any such programs can be used. I've done a bit of it, fascinating stuff.
  12. You too can beat a P car or two. Aussie action.
  13. What you are looking at doing is way beyond what most of us actually do but the formula is quite simple. Start with weight distribution and aim for 50/50, distribution is more important with the power you envision than total weight. But in practical terms that will require the lightest possible engine shoved back as far as possible, consider fire wall mods. Don't forget Mercedes engines for a weight check, don't know about their V12's but the V6's use quite a bit of magnesium to keep weight down and the German transmissions are the best. Jap engines are the best practically but that usually involves more weight, know nothing about Ferrari's, cheers.
  14. That's good power eh, the 3.5 liter Mercedes SLK350 I just bought does stock 305 hp stock.
  15. That Tracker system may have more to do with GPS tracking of the car's location? Otherwise you seem to be on top of things, for a start I'd assume that there is no engine fault other than that caused by inactivity, like dirty spark plugs or fouled injectors. Good luck with it. Edit LOL, look at the date.
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