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  1. ThreeMoneyJ

    EDIS COP new run of brackets

    I got mine last week on Thursday. It looks great and I can't wait to get it installed!
  2. ThreeMoneyJ

    EDIS Kits Back in stock

    PM sent
  3. ThreeMoneyJ

    EDIS COP new run of brackets

    PM sent. I would take black or clear.
  4. ThreeMoneyJ

    FS L28 engine/5 spd trans P79 head EFI Parts

    F54 block
  5. ThreeMoneyJ

    FS L28 engine/5 spd trans P79 head EFI Parts

    The engine wasn't a stock engine when I got the car. It has a P79 head on it (I went to the garage to double check! Lol)
  6. LOCATION: Windsor, CA (1 hour North of the Golden Gate Bridge) Local pick up only PRICE: $350 This is a complete engine and trans out of a 78 280Z. The combo ran/drove well when I pulled it last week. Everything in the picture is included (except engine hoist/chains and adjustable alt bracket)
  7. ThreeMoneyJ

    WTB Non-EGR N42 Intake Manifold

    I have a P82 intake manifold that is non EGR. It is webbed and not shaved. I bought it off another member here a while back and never used it. One recently sold for $60 on this forum, so I would like $60.
  8. ThreeMoneyJ

    WTB 77-78 280Z GAS TANK

    Where are you located? I have one in The San Francisco area
  9. ThreeMoneyJ

    RETRO-SPEC unique Carbon Fiber products Z

    Awesome!! Will be ordering tomorrow!!
  10. ThreeMoneyJ

    RETRO-SPEC unique Carbon Fiber products Z

    I would like to see a CF windshield wiper cowl that isn't louvered. (the panel between the windshield and hood that the wipers come out of) It doesn't have too many contours so it may be easy to produce. Also, the front with the turn signals filled in for the 75-78 cars
  11. ThreeMoneyJ

    paint and body shops califorina bayarea

    Their website looks like they do good work. Can those who have gone here post their results when done. If it's as good as they advertise I'll definetly send some business their way.
  12. I sent you an email about the car...
  13. This seems to be turning into a "why a Z car is worth it and my experience with them" thread I'll second the feeling that everyone seems to have about the car being a people magnet. It's seems every time I mention my car to a stranger (getting parts, insurance renewal, tow company etc ) they always get excited and have some story involving a Z in their younger days. The car seems to bring a smile to everyones face no matter where it goes ( and to be truthful it's not in that great of shape!)
  14. ThreeMoneyJ

    280Z EFI to Carburetor Help!

    If you were planning on spending $2k to switch to carbs...... You could buy something really nice like the extrudabody individual throttle body set up It has the neat multiple carb look if that's what you want.... On their website it's $650 for a twin ITB set up or $1900 for the 6 ITB set up. Of course you would need a few more things to make it all work, but I'm just living vicariously through your $2000