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  1. RacerX:


    Thanks for the reply. I've gone back and looked at your posts on body work and any tips that you can give me will make my day. I'm not familiar with fiberglass parts prep work or what is needed to bond something like a rear spoiler to the hatch. I'm not a fan of poor fitment, so I'd like to do it the right way. I'll get pics up by this weekend and then????


    Thanks for your wisdom.



  2. Guys:


    Yesterday my wife gave me my b-day gift: the MSA front spoiler w/out vents and the rear low profile spoiler. Did I marry a good one or what???


    The front is no problem, but the back looks like it will take some work to get to fit right. Anyone already gone down this road before? In the catalog, the gaps on the side of the wing where it lines up with the body are a lot smaller than mine, from when I test fitted it. I have almost a 1/2" gap. Anyone help?





  3. I've got a pic of a kit that was offered in the mid to late '80's that transformed (or something like that) a 240-2?80 Z into a pretty good imitation of a Shelby Daytona Coupe. I don't have any info beyond the pic - which I'll try to get scanned. Anyone know anything about it? :confused:

  4. Just got finished installing a new suspension for my 240 this past weekend, but I've got this nagging feeling in the back of my head that won't quit. I used Tokico's, Suspesion Tec sway bars, and Eibach Progressive springs. When they arrived, there were no papers or anything in them to state which were front or rear, and more importantly, which is up or down. Called MSA and they said to install it with the Eibach print on the spring right side up. Does that sound right? Now that they are on, the fronts have the tighter wound coil at the bottom and the rears have the tighter wound section on the top...Is this normal. The car sits right and looks right. Haven't been able to test it yet, because no exhaust on the car... frown.gif


    Any thoughts?

  5. Guys:


    Recently installed the Crane 700 ignition and LX 91 coil on my '70. Since then, I've gone from one problem to another. Before, the car was timed right and ran fairly well. After, I had problems with the car not starting (sounded like the battery was dead) - if I push started it, it ran great! Adjusted the LED a little and got it to start better, ran OK, but super rich and it strangles at the high end. What the Heck!! Before installation, car was baseline timed, splitfire plugs and taylor wires were installed. Anyone have any tips or experience they can share?


    Thanks in advance....

  6. Guy's:


    I'm getting ready to do the ZX-T swap into my '70. No problems with the mechanicals, but I'm uncertain about the wiring side of the swap. Anybody come up with a manual or some notes on the swap that they wouldn't mind sharing?


    BTW, if someone has come up with the notes, why not publish and sell (kind of like the JTR V-8 swap)? Just a thought.



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