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  1. Just moved to colorado springs so im new to the area and need help with timing, jetting/tuning my l28 w/ triple webers In my 240z. Been having issues with it for a while so I need a good shop or a guru who really knows what they're doing with this set up.
  2. Don't have any of those. Our know I need to pick up an Afr Guage asap. Does anyone know a good reference for float setting? Never really messed with it
  3. Just wanted to see if anyone had a setup like the one in that article and if they found it more efficient. Accelerator pump sounds like a good place to start thanks for the tip... I'll look into it
  4. I had posted a topic under fuel delivery but didn't get a whole lot of answeres there. Setup is an l28 w/ triple webers, holley red fuel pump, cheap regulator from the auto parts store. If I mash the pedal it will cut out until I let off. I can go full throttle if I'm nice to it and and gradually step on it. I had also posted this http://www.racetep.c...fuel-pumps.html In short it says use a fuel pump with more volume, not pressure, don't run a Vacuum hose into the manifold (which I am) but I've seen people using the same pumps and not have theseen issues. I bumped the psi from 4psi to about 6psi because it seemed to help a bit.
  5. Did the swap first and everything worked well up until I changed the brake booster
  6. Thanks for the tip! I did swap to a 5 speed and I'll have to look at the rod lengths tonight. I also read something somwhere about when you bleed the system it will "zero" itself. Since I wasn't building pressure in the pedal until after I adjusted the rod all the way out, I wonder if I bleed it again and put the bump stop in it will fix it? Maybe...? Hopefully thank makes sense. Just to clarify I can get the car in to gear now and it's drivable but the pedal sticks out too far and engages the clutch too soon
  7. Ok update. I installed new mc and slave cylinders but I had to adjust rod for the mc aaaaall the way out to get any pressure. If I make it any shorter I have no pressure. And if I put the bump stop on the clutch wont engage fully. So now I have a clutch pedal that sticks out too far
  8. I'll be picking up a new master and slave tomorrow. I just like seeing how and why things fail before I just buy something new.
  9. Pulled the Mc here is pic of the piston. Seals are good but is it supposed to have that gap on the back side? I'll be pulling the slave cylinder next
  10. Ok well ill take a closer look at it later. Do you think the slave is more likely to go rather than the master?
  11. I have found one already thanks everyone
  12. The clutch fork is moving but i wonder if it's not moving enough it pushes it out maybe an inch or so. Everything SEEMS to be working as it should that's why I'm baffled but Im not gonna pretend like i know everything
  13. It will go in to gear when the car is off but won't when the engine is running. And yes the pedal doesn't feel the same that's why I tried to bleed it.
  14. I've adjusted the linkage every which way and I bleed it and still nothing but the pedal still doesn't feel right and I don't see any leaks anywhere
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