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  1. I bought a pair.of checkered flag flanges should be here this week. I'll.see u in august
  2. bryan, the night u broke the track was not the greatest. Does ur car wheel hop all the time even on the street?? Our silver car never wheel hops on the street but on occasion will at Greer?? And trust me wheel hop is the worst thing on our cars you're going to have to figure that out or it will continue to break. Let me know if you need anything to get it back together when u get back in town
  3. Not to hack this thread but we have an LS 280 z at a well known custom header manufacturer we have commited to 5 sets 1 7/8" stainless steel with priliminary pricing around $1200. Pm me if interested or more.details
  4. Thought I would share my other LS car with everyone. The car is a 1975 280Z that I picked up for $1100 with no motor Engine and transmission is a 2002 Camaro LS1 and T-56 once again I fabbed my own mounts and built a stainless mandrel exhaust 2.5" into 3" Engine is stock with a mild cam, Pro 5.0 shifter, Ground Control coilovers, ST bars, 4 wheel disc's, Speed Hut gauges, Walboro 255 pump, Next week I'll install my vsld and cv's and new bushings front to back
  5. Well I busted the rear in the pic apart and its a 3.70 CLUTCH LSD looks new inside axles and boots are near perfect. Well worth the $375 that I paid especially when they paid $160 to ship it from Oklahoma
  6. Need 2 pairs since we have 2 LS datsuns sorry
  7. Im in South Carolina and our state voted republican so there are no winners from republican states.
  8. OK I did the search thing and did not find the answer so-------- Can you tell the difference by looking short of pulling the P/S axle out?? I went from 0 LSD's to 3 in one week. scored on this one for $375 shipped--They told me it was a Shiro car but who knows. Then I scored this one on E-bay for $200 shipped which will be a good spare or use with the axles from the other http://www.ebay.com/itm/130937390039?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 I also bought a known SS Shiro set-up with axles for $150 from an undisclosed super top secret junkyard.
  9. I use the gates heat shrink.clamps looks very neat IMO
  10. Do not splice any of your hoses--- drill and tap the flat spot on your water pump for a 1/8 NPT 90* fitting and connect it there. here's a pic for reference
  11. Did not weigh engine and.tranny but my 1975 with AC - stereo-amp and.speakers etc weighed 2640 lbs with LS and T56 w half.tank of fuel
  12. alper motorsports bracket is the best $95 I've ever spent on ebay.Here's a pic of mine for reference
  13. Have over 190 degrees of wrap on sc pulley my problem is actually the length of belt and yes additional idlers would have helped but I'm running the qwik ac brackets and could not utilize one. I do have the sexie Katech manual tensioner which helped but I still had slip around! 10-11 lbs.
  14. Bear in mind that if you have longer belt the 6 rib WILL NOT WORK IT WILL SLIP AT 8 lbs or more trust me!!
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