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  1. Keep it in the NISSAN family FWIW
  2. ^^^ BAT is a real gamble . I do well with the GTS 2.0 T AWD locally , have one here and one at sea .
  3. Will there be any interest on these , I might be getting a few, complete with hub Z adapter and Datsun horn button , let me know , testing waters they will go for 195$ delivered to continental US doors
  4. ^^^ These are two recent imported JDM cars that will be up for adoption , a 1990 Z32 Fairlady Z / 300ZX and a 1992 R32 Skyline GTS 4 , both clean with low miles .
  5. These just got to US shores
  6. Yep , the hardtop is what makes this car unique , not many around .
  7. The last auction car on BaT , turn out to be a no paying bidder , but the car sold days later on DC CL for more money .
  8. L 20 , with documented 102 K kilometers
  9. It will be here in August , plans are to play with it for while and yes eventually it will up for grabs . I think it is a very unique sedan with the heart of a Z .
  10. Shipping charges are negotiable , the key is to find a reputable agent and cars that a have valid mandated state inspection .
  11. I have imported cars from Nippon using the 25 year import rule , yes a contact is vital , but there are risks involved , a 25 plus old car will break down , so is best to get an unmolested low miles car and pay a bit more . This one for $6k will be a good buy and me making a small gain .
  12. ^^^ yes related to her , but this one is alive and has aged well .
  13. ^^^ I may flip it later for around 6000$, will see .
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