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  1. Love my 81' base model. Mine had a/c, but no cruise. I also had an 80 base model. I did notice that both had R-180 diff's.
  2. I'm using a mostly equus gauges, except for the speedo which is a vdo unit.
  3. Been on here awhile searching around and couldn't really find an answer, so I'll ask. I've got the v8 installed in my 80 280zx base model (no power windows, ect..) and am finally getting to the wiring. I'm installing aftermarket gauges, but if I do, how do I bypass the stock ones so that the car will start and run. I remember previously with the stock motor that the car wouldn't start without the gauge cluster plugged in. I was also needing to know if the stock lighting system would still operate without the gauge cluster, will the turnsignals and what-not still function? I'm planning on making a new engine harness with an aftermarket start button while still using the stock ignition for power, accessory, ect... Any help would be appreciated. btw, it's a carbed 350 with a 700r4 w/stall and the speedo is an electric
  4. Been awhile...but here's how she sits now... More to come as time allows..lol
  5. Cool...someone finally did it and posted the pics to prove it!! Great job!
  6. Some of you may know the car..some not. I think it was pretty much known for the triples on it...I may be mistaken tho..lol. Well..I sold the engine that was in the car so that I could start on the V8 swap, so....the parts hoarding has begun... Chrome headers...hey, they're new and they were cheap Pro Comp 190 Aluminum heads...very nice Billet distributor.. Air-gap style intake I've already got the 350(will get rebuilt), rebuilt 700r4 tranny, 600 Holley, and a couple other components. I'll be getting a Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 274. According to Comp's little desktop dyno(which I think is a little optimistic) it'll be in the 460hp range. Coupled with a car that weighs 2800 lbs, it should be pretty quick...in a straight line anyway. As soon as the Truck is done I'll be starting on this one...so it's just sitting there waiting for the new engine....
  7. Nope, it's a 5-speed base model...no power anything or rear wiper. The 2+2 I had was an auto.
  8. I'm a car fan period, but in particular little imports especially early 80's and older. Of all cars tho, the s30-s130's hold the top place in my vehicular obsession..altho I wouldn't mind having a nice 510....here recently, old Volvo's have intrigued me a little..lol
  9. lol...yeah, I remember it back then
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    My car
  11. Getting ready for a V8

  12. Sweet!! I need details! Will it be ready before branson?

  13. for the record, I've had two 81's that both had R180's. One was a 2+2 and the other is my current base coupe.
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