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  1. ZCON 2014 had this Phantom Z Sport Wagon that was a concept that never was built until now.
  2. I'm almost certain it could be a scammer possibly, like djwarner said probably a incompetent, ignorant and malevolent seller hard headed. I'm surprised he didn't do his homework knowing how easy Z car info can be searched and vins checked.
  3. So this showed up on craigslist and from what I know there was never a 1969 in the states, another thing is it me or does the car not look like a early 240z rather it's a later 240z the hatch doesn't match a early 240z the SU's look different too. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/4421480311.html It had the Vin#127759
  4. So I been searching and searching and I haven't been able to find nothing on a diamond port header for the N47 head, was it ever made or will any other header work for this head? I'm wanting to do the exhaust on my 79 810 and wanted to do header and exhaust any help or info where to find one would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Here it is again. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-L6-DOHC-Cylinder-Head-240Z-260Z-280Z-L24-L26-L28-Fairlady-Z-Nissan-/261366502853?pt=Race_Car_Parts&hash=item3cdaa855c5&vxp=mtr
  6. Yeah that's what I want to do my second choice would be a RB swap if I get bored but that's when I have the money for that. I have been looking for a 280z intake manifold and probably have the head done at a shop or send it to Rebello.
  7. Well seems my head gasket is bad at start up I'm getting tons of white smoke and smells like antifreeze I confirmed it when I drove the car to work for 2 days and the antifreeze was getting lower in the radiator so as of now it's sitting and thinking if I really should throw money at the L24E or just swap in another engine I'm debating L28, fix up the L24E or go balls out and do the rack and pinion with the 280zx crossmember and steering column and RB swap. If any old members still active that had there 810's could chime in would totally help as I'm pretty much lost since 810's are rarely modified.
  8. I'll take the RB25 for my 810 hehehe...
  9. If they gave me one I would take it in a heart beat I wouldn't care if it had 360hp or 150hp I'd just drive it for what it is!
  10. Might wanna ask the guys over at Ratsun.net someone must know!
  11. It's isn't mine I just wanted to pass the word.
  12. http://southcoast.craigslist.org/wan/4174431565.html As the ad says: On November 4th 2013 my husband's 1972 Datsun 240Z was stolen from the parking lot at the Attleboro, MA Amtrack train station. While he was at work serving our country someone was stealing his car, a car we bought with our hard earned money, a car that was my gift to him upon returning from deployment for being every bit the father and husband I could ever possibly want him to be. This thief took a piece of highly sentimental property from our family and since our car insurance policy doesn't cover theft, they also made off with the $6000 we had invested in it. My husband is a dedicate family man, an exemplary Coastie and a phenomenal friend. He doesn't deserve this. PLEASE do our family a favor and show your appreciation for my husband's service to our country by sharing this post with as many people as you can. If you or anyone you know saw something that day or spots the car in these pictures please call the Attleboro Police Dept Tipster Line at 508-223-2233 ext 2239. The car was last seen with the FL plates pictured (Exp 9-13) there is some unfinished fiberglass work on the driver's side of the car just under the windshield and dents in the fenders where Sears Auto damaged it when we got the tires replaced recently. Maybe if enough people pass this along, we can recover the car and make a Guardian very very happy:)
  13. The datsun maxima crossmember when I researched it was bigger than the 280zx the only thing I can swap over is the front sway bar, so the ZX crossmember with R&P would fit much easier as that's how it's been done before. I there was some old members here that did just that put 280zxt R&P and steering column on there 810 coupe they also swapped there subframe that had the R180 with the ZX subframe. Some parts are interchangeable, I've seen someone put 240z brakes on a 810, and put 280z ECU & AFM and work just fine. As far as the engine mine has the P30 block & N47 head EFI so basically 240z engine with late 70's EFI kinda like the 280z. Maximas had the same L24E. At the moment I just want keep the engine I have since it's my daily driver until I find another daily so I can do what I want to it which is either swap to L28E or L28ET or even RB or VG, I just want to do some simple upgrades since the engine runs so well and gets good MPG. The only thing I can do is take the header with me to the exhaust shop and see what they can do if not go to a shop they can modify the header to fit which would probably be a lot easier. As for the engine mounts I really haven't got under the engine as much to pay attention and its pretty snugged in the engine bay there's a lot of room just not as much as the ZX.
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