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  1. I went to 2 machines shops, Burbank speed and machine and Deed automotive in moorepark and they could do it for about $400 for machining only, but it cost less to ship it to and from texas for Godzilla to do the machine work. Myself and a friend shipped Godzilla about 4 bellhousings to have done to cut down on costs.
  2. So this is the members projects, not a question sub forum. But, all the factory service manuals are available on http://www.xenonzcar.com/s130/fsm.php and you can find the wiring schematics from there (not in color which sucks).
  3. Man that looks fancy. It's next on my list with a trans mount and motor mounts.
  4. All my suspension clunking is gone. The car is extremely solid now. The steering is a lot more reactive also. Overall I can't wait to try it out on the 21st at Buttonwillow. Also started the process of rebuilding an SR trans and and just waiting on a machined L series bellhousing right now from Godzilla Raceworks
  5. The driveshaft is from a 72 or later S30 Z (as long as it had a manual trans). The biggest thing is to check the length, which I posted pictures of. I did try flipping the T3 mustache bar, but the drop mounts would not line up. That was before I even got the diff lined up, so it was an immediate problem. The T3 bar is meant to be mounted more towards the gas tank. It's a fairly tight fit with all the T3 stuff. I'm bringing the car to get aligned this week since I just eye balled the toe everywhere. Will have first impressions of the drive after this weekend.
  6. The usual "I got a guy". It still has valid Iowa registration, so not too concerned as I don't drive it daily at all. But I will need to take it in before end of May.
  7. I don't remember them being much different, but I did just use a large adjustable wrench to get them off. It s possible they weren't factory, but they did have 2 opposite threads, which leads me to believe they were certainly older.
  8. So in the pic I posted I had already put on the new inner and outer tie rods. I rounded the lock nut off the passenger side, and then the ball from the inner tie rod ball came out. So I just got new inners and outers. The inners come off just with a 14" adjustable wrench and the outers come with it.
  9. The car hasn't really done much. I moved back to CA mid sep 2018 and it's just sat. It has a strange misfire type issue at a specific throttle at what i guess is 2500-3000rpm. If I floor it through that range it's fine, but if i'm trying to accelerate like a normal driver it starts to burble till I get out of that range. When it was weighed at Touge Factory (when I picked the car up) it was 2460lbs with 5 gallons in the tank. So it's around there. That's with bumpers and 15" wheels. So it's lighter than most S30's. My S30 weighs 2160lbs, but it's completely gutted. I have been doing more work on my S30, swapping in T3 goodies. The next steps for my ZX are some rota wheels, then dropping it off at a shop to get a whole new set of gauges and a retune on it. I've been mixing 100oct with 91oct to get 93ish oct.
  10. Doing the fronts now. Small problem I ran into was the T3 front control arm ball joint bolts were longer than factory and therefor I couldn't just bolt the strut back onto the steering knuckle. I had to buy some bump steer spacers/roll center adjusters, which was no biggie since I probably needed them. Also could not get one tie rod off and the new outer tie rods I bought are both right hand threaded. My driver side inner tie rod was left hand threaded and crusty. So I got some new inner and outer tie rods. along with a solid steering rack bushing and poly steering rack mounts (still have to put those in). Also got the later and longer style driveshaft.
  11. So I got it all in, I did have to flip the diff mount (move the diff position backwards aka the later style) and I had cut the spacer down to 15/16ths and buy some new length bolts. Here are the spacer pics when I had the diff in the stock, forward 1970 position, notice the amount of "slack" in the spacer to diff cover vs when I rotated the lower diff mount 180* forward to move the diff back to the 1972 position: And this is the final product. I need to get it aligned still, but I have work on the front also Here is are some bonus pics of the Trans mount (type 2) that I will be replacing with the T3 KA trans mount (when I get the trans rebuilt) And here is the amount the driveshaft pulls out. My driveshaft measures 21 1/8 inch from u joint center to center, so I'm looking for the longer 22 1/4 inch. I have a few leads, but need to pick it up. Final plans are to go with the Ka transmission with a converted L bellhousing, T3 KA trans mount, T3 front diff mount and the "power braces" they sell. The front is getting T3 arms and TC rods, and new tie rods. Eventually I'll get the steering rack rebuilt and put in new bushings and a solid steering knuckle. Then I think the suspension will be done.
  12. I had an SR20 Swap done on my 280zx by Touge Factory in Chicago about 2 years ago. They put the car on a scale when they were done (they got the car without an engine in it) and it was at 2460lbs. All the same things as above apply, except I had some roller steelies on the car, it did have a front bumper since my Gnose was obliterated by a brick on I-10, and I did have my whale tail on.
  13. I meant lengthen first then shorten later, as you said. I'm probably going to start getting a bell housing machined so that I test fit a KA trans. I have a track day 3rd weekend of April so I'm hoping to get as much of this done as I can before then, pending funds. T3 has mounts that work with a KA trans along with a new front diff bracket.
  14. Yeah I think the driveshaft length will be an issue. I'll also have to move the RT mount rearward if there is space. So I've also planned on going with a KA transmission down the line as I have 2 cores to rebuild and a lead on a lot of L series bell housings. But I know that will shorten the driveshaft even further. I don' t want to lengthen my driveshaft, then shorten it again later this summer. I've also read that that GM poly mount causes too much lift on the nose of the diff. Not going with that bushing as my current rubber bushing is doing fine.
  15. I do have an RT mount, but I'm not sure what you mean by snubber on the bottom? My mount was bought from Technoversion and has the 3 bolt holes.
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