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  1. BluDestiny

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Is anyone still a dealer for this or do I have to get them from Racing lab?
  2. BluDestiny

    My Turbo LSX Z31 Builld

    Love this thread, I saw your video on youtube and thought you had done this all years ago.
  3. BluDestiny

    1985 z31 300zx ls swap

    Any updates on this? I'm thinking about picking up another project, and a 3rd gen z would go nicely with my 240z and 280zx.
  4. BluDestiny

    Base model 280zx project

    That's weird. I can still see my pics. There is a chrome app that supposedly beats photobucket, but I'm not using it. Edit: I've also checked several other threads that use PB and I can see their pics.
  5. BluDestiny

    Base model 280zx project

    So it seems photobucket has decided to not suck anymore. Imagine that.
  6. BluDestiny

    L24 - 86mm bore

    Purist L27? Just a guess. What is the stroke of the crank?
  7. BluDestiny

    Turbo sizing, comparison, etc

    The BW EFR series would be good to cover. This is for a Suabru, but I'm eyeing a EFR7163. Not sure how much they correlate to the S series
  8. Do you have an actual weight? I'm just curious.
  9. BluDestiny

    CXRacing SR20DET swap kit?

    I bought the top mount turbo manifold they sell. It didn't come with a flat flange, and the interior had a bunch of slag on it from welding. so I basically spent anotehr #250 to have it machines, checked, and braced up. I could have gotten a doc racing manifold for that price. As for the mount kits, including Mckiney, they are all designed to keep the original sr20 front sump oil pan, and the driveshaft angle is a little steeper than I'd like. Because of this I went with a custom fabricated setup and mounted the engine as low and straight as I could.
  10. BluDestiny

    Front calipers on the rear

    They're not going to be equal front to rear, He wants a 4 piston up front (area is listed on silvermine motors website) and a single 2 piston for regular driving, along with another single piston that is used only for ebrake capability. There has been a write up of this (minus the ebrake function) and aside from having custom rotors and brackets made, it's almost cheaper to go with a wilwood kit for something out fo the box that fits.
  11. Best to do would be to use the shortnose r200 conversion. That will be about $2k from techno toy tuning, and very overkill if you really just want the 5 lug.
  12. The cheapest method would be to use the maxima rear brake setup and get some 4x114 to 5x114 adapters and measure the wheel offset appropriately. If not you want to probably install the majority of the Techo toy tuning shortnose R200 kit and get the CV axles as well.
  13. BluDestiny

    Build date

    I would post this on the datsun parts and needs facebook group also. Probably get more traffic there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheZGang/
  14. BluDestiny

    California regulations

    The smog cert is going to be the issue, since even though it may pass the actual emmisions test, you're required to keep all the same emmission components that came with the engine (if you took it from an F body or something). I don't know if that's different when you buy a crate engine. Are you military? because then you wouldn't need to register it in the state of CA.
  15. BluDestiny

    Cheap Coilover mod

    So what you see in that thread is how you have to do the fronts. The rear however need something completely different since Datsun decided to go with an all-in-one strut tube. What techno toy tuning is doing is using a clamping thing to basically act as the perch for the coilover sleeve. The Kyb struts can be used if you go this route, but you'd have to get springs matched to them, which would kinda defeat the purpose of going with coilovers. Personally I don't like either of those ideas, which is why I opted for a full s13 suspension. All in all, I spent maybe $600 on used s13 coilovers, welding and powdercoating the front strut tubes, and custom rear tophats. I'd say that's pretty cheap.