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  1. Looking for some springs to lower and stiffen up my 280z. Used or new is fine. I have PayPal.
  2. Looks good dude! I was thinking about plasti-dipping my chrome too. How did you do the hatch button? Or did you leave that alone?
  3. I have one which is +1mm overbored and decked, ready to be built up. Its been painted a bright yellow (What possessed me to do that?) and has freeze plugs installed. I'm a little drive away but I'm open to offers.
  4. Right now I have a sale pending. I really appreciate all of the replies and offers guys!
  5. Thanks, I saw this on ebay, I dont need all the stuff attached which is driving up the price. I guess if I cant find anything else I will go that route. I used to have a bunch of these things sitting around too. $45 seems a bit steep to me. Thanks anyway Jamal!
  6. Hi all, Looking for a shift lever to use with my 72 4-speed transmission. I have the bushings, pin and knob on order so those aren't important to me. Just any compatible Z lever (with the little circular bushings) is what I need. My local pick-n-pull is hurting at the moment. Name your shipped price to 95630, I can Paypal you right away. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for an l28 thermostat housing (only need the bottom half but will buy both) that doesn't have any frozen bolts. Thanks!
  8. After some more research and knocking the info in my head, it looks like .040" over is all I would need right?
  9. Hey guys, so about a year ago I had a set of forged Ross pistons from MSA that I was going to put into my turbo block. Basically, everything was ready to go, my block had been machined and prepared, I just had to file my rings down to spec and drop those sexy pieces of forged goodness into their 87mm homes. The only issue was, 6 months prior I left for the Army. When I came back home I lost interest in spending money on Z's, (I know.. blasphemy ) so I sold them and kept the block just in case. My problem now lies with being bit by the bug once more and trying to locate pistons that w
  10. I am interested. Shoot me a PM with how much you are looking to get for it. I'm looking for something I can rebuild myself to keep the cost factor down but I really appreciate it, my fault for not specifying. Are you flexible on the price? Hydro lifters or solid? Cam and all?
  11. Looking for a P90 Head in good rebuildible condition, cam and all. Thanks guys!
  12. Yeah, its an L28ET for sure... No other revision of the L28 comes with a kitten
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