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  1. Yes, I thought that some 280zx's came with bolt on brackets, while some others were welded on. Confusion on my part. Basically like lance stated, I'm looking for a mm 240sx kit or a kit that uses 280zx parts.
  2. Do you have the bracket to mount the calipers also? thanks
  3. I just seen that lol, i already have everything i want for the rear of my car im just looking to put disk brakes on it and be done with the rear; plus i cant spend that much money, but i apreciate it!
  4. As the title states, Im looking for either a stock 280zx rear disk set up OR a modern-motorsports bracket/kit. Just let me know what you have. Thanks!
  5. I know this thread is dead and pretty much two years old, but i just stumbled apon it and wanted to share that i have the same air dam as you. The one i have seems like plastic i got it from my uncle and he got it from a good friend who had a ton of z cars. My dad also had one on his 280z that he got from that guy. If you haven't found out what kind it is, i can ask my uncles friend if he knows, but i just thought id share mine.
  6. Could i get rim and tire specs? amazing z! thanks
  7. I never asked anymore questions. I asked one question "topic of thread" and got my response, a legit answer. Others have came along and asked their own questions.
  8. This one thread beholds two thread-jacks and no legitimate answers. Epic thread is epic. To the above, I'm not sure about your question, google may be able to help you, or open a thread and ask but be prepared to be told exactly what I just said "go google". Good-luck, sorry I can't help.
  9. LOLOLOL, I find that a little funny. There really is no bolt in option for the z's besides mckinneymotorsports.com, but still thats not a full bolt in conversion. You would still need to weld your spindles to the coilover they are selling i believe. I'm actually in the process of install coilovers in my 240z, i am using cheap emusa coilovers "ebay special" because they are very cheap and im just trying to get the process and most of the work out of the way then oneday upgrade to better coilovers. I say better coilovers but i dont even know how these will handle yet so im specking alittle to soon,but i heard alot about them.. If you want a pretty simple coilover conversion you could do ground controls/section your struts, or you could just do like im doing. buy some cheap megans or similer brand from ebay,buy zccjdm.com's kit and bring it all to a shop to be welded. Good luck
  10. And I didn't want to make a new thread for this.
  11. Hey all, I have a very odd question that maybe someone has also thought about or even tried to do. Is it possible to.. cut struts roughly 6 inches high or however high your heart desires and thread the strut housing for coil-overs? So pull off spring, pull out strut and cut the strut housing 6 incus high and thread it to the thread pitch that is on whatever coilover you want to use. Or are the coil-overs typically to big to go into the stock strut housing? I searched a little but haven't seen nothing like this and haven't had a chance to measure it. This idea would take the place of a weld on strut tubes like the ones sold by zccjdm. It would use be like sectioning the strut but re-threading it for "Megan's, stances, ect." What do some of y'all that have played with coil-overs think about this? Is this just obscured? Thanks!
  12. hey, could i ask what color red that is on your amazing z? thanks:)
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