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  1. WTB 260Z/280Z Fuel/Voltmeter guage,in working order
  2. Yes.running 280zx turbo ecu from 1981 with new wiring harness.all new sensors.air flow meter.rebuilt cas.new injectors.
  3. Hi,thanks for your reply,yes I went through all pin outs xenon z workshop manual and even tried using a resistor wheel to change coolant sensor resistance to see if that made and difference,which it did but didnt change fuel pressure,will triple check again on weekend,cheers
  4. Hi.i have a nissan fairlady 1977(260z 2+2)it was a 2.0lt efi L20e.just getting it running after full restoration.I have completed a L28e turbo swap.running a 280zx turbo system including dropping resistor from a 1981 car.motor fully rebuilt.new airflow meter.distributor cas.new injectors for a turbo.(ohms of 4.8).new fuel pump and adjustable fuel pressure reg.my queston is.with car idling hot,if i set fuel pressure at 35 psi car starts and runs abit lumpy,running rich?.if i drop fuel pressure to approx 8 psi it runs a heap better.i have tried another fuel pressure reg and guage incase readings were wrong.i have not driven car yet on the road as no windscreens etc.but it revs freely at this low psi reading and does not peter out.I have replaced fuel pump with new high volume pump and kept original fuel damper.only thing i can think of is the injector flow rate?the new injectors are supposed to be for a 280zx turbo.they outwardly look the same and have correct impedence.Does anyone have any suggestions?thanks in advance.
  5. Looking for ecu to buy from 1981 280zx turbo.fed emissions.working engine ecu.numbers a18 000 040k to ship overseas.
  6. Hi,i,m trying to find 2 of the above fuel tank sender units.This is the type that has the basic float,but also has a low fuel light probe. would need to be shipped to New Zealand,please view photos
  7. Hi trying to find 2 cv shafts complete,and two 4 bolt companion flanges to suit 4 bolt cv shafts for r200 conversion in 260z.Not sure what the r200 longnose is out of,but side splines in diff side gears are 29 spline,and I would like the 4 bolt up at companion flanges at hub end.Also after diff pinion flange for 280zx r200,so im able to bolt up my 260z driveshaft.If this is getting hard to find I would look at 280zx axles with companion flanges at both ends(29 splines at diff side gears)prepared to ship to New Zealand,Cheers
  8. Hey Tony D,thanks for your imput.As you say drop in application for the models listed on Ebay advertisement should fit!Hopefully this post will warn others to be weary of these rods,cheers
  9. Hi wondering if anyone else has had issues with these rods,i did read a post,but only found half of it.I bought these rods just under a year ago as i was accumulating parts for a rebuild.They are advertised to fit nissan L24,L26,L28,L28et.All measurements looked factory,i didnt notice the bearing width did I!thought as being advertised as such they would fit my engine.took the Ebay Ad to my engine reconditioner,and asked if he could confirm the measurements were good?he rang me the next day and said all was good,so i ordered them,The air was blue as i went to install my bearing shells and found they were too wide! My rods are rod big bore 53mm,small bore 21mm,rod length 130.5mm,Width of shell is 26.8mm.The rods from CrankShaft depot are 20.76mm.I have emailed them to express my concern that they dont fit,and i received the..... Been selling these for 20 years and never had anyone complain before and my crank must have been modified... AH HA! Two other Rod sites ive been on give the same measurements as i have for a standard l28E,N42 block.No joy there then.My engine reconditioner has taken some blame for not measuring them fully,and we have come to a positive conclusion on that sideI have since bought some Spool Rods from Australia,that measure as my rods do. All though i missed the bearing width listed in the ad,im still surprised they can be advertised to fit these engine types,when as far as i can see,they dont,or am i wrong and am i missing something here? Which leads me to a question,what do these rods fit?so i can onsell? Very interested in any feed back,good or bad,Cheers
  10. Hi,wanting to buy ignition and fuel ECU wiring loom{harness}for 280zx turbo,must be later ones{1982/1983?} with CAS in Dissy.Would need to be shipped to New Zealand at my expense,cheers Mike
  11. how about $50.00@ plus freight costs?
  12. cheers fot that,address would be 11/13 Howe Street,Dunedin 9016,Otago,New Zealand.
  13. Hi,Im trying to find 2 front turn signal lights with good lens to suit 240z/260z.These are the wrap around type on the lower corner valances in orange,shipped to New Zealand.cheers
  14. Hi,Im trying to find 2 front indicators with good lens to suit 240z/260z.These are the wrap around type on the lower corner valances in orange,shipped to New Zealand.cheers
  15. Thanks mate,ive already got that sorted.
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