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  1. Thanks guys sorry it's been awhile. But are the crank and cam gears interchangeable? Or should i be ok with just slapping the whole head on with a new chain and tensioner?
  2. I recently bought a l28 and I was wondering if I should put my e31 head on the l28 block? Or should I leave the n47 head on it? I will be running SU carbs but they are off a 73 240z would those be good? Or should i find different carbs? I'm also thinking about putting flat-top pistons, MSA stage 2 cam, and full twice pipes exhaust. Would that be too much for the SUs?
  3. I have a 70 240z and I was wondering if I could bypass the breather tank somehow or relocate it. Any suggestions?
  4. would $5k-$6k be enough to make a 250-300hp honda killer?
  5. I would like to know what would be the best bang for my buck a home built stroker or a robello stroker my price range is between $5k-$6k.
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