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  1. supersonicdatsun

    R200 Longnose WANTED! Possible trade?

    Looking to buy a longnose R200. IN BC CANADA. LOCAL PREFERRED MUST BE 3.3 OR 3.1 ONLY!!! GEARS MUST BE IN PERFECT USED SHAPE. BEARINGS WILL MOST LIKELY BE REPLACED. Diff is going into a 650whp 240Z. Currently have a perfect condition longnose R200 with 3.7 ratio. My 3.7 has brand new bearings and about 1500km on it. Maybe a trade can be done. Thank you for your time. My name is AJ 604 302 8921 ajingarage@yahoo.com
  2. My 1972 240Z has worn out inner tie rod ends... vehicle control too important!! From what Ive searched finding new factory ends is rare. But why put the same parts in? Does anyone know of any steering rack upgrades or swaps that are common and actually stronger/better?? Any insight into either repairing or swapping this steering rack would be awesome! 4.5 years into the build and its a streetable 650whp 1.5jz 6 speed 240Z Please help me use the 6 months of insurance I put on it! Thanks
  3. supersonicdatsun

    R200 parts wanted!

    can you email me a picture and price z240? ajingarage@yahoo.com
  4. supersonicdatsun

    Untitled Album

  5. supersonicdatsun

    R200 parts wanted!

    Hello all! I am from outskirts of Vancouver area of British Columbia, and I am in need of some parts for my somewhat broken longnose R200. I need a new rear cover as I tore mine to shreds with my 550whp 1.5JZ 240z (1/4 mile traction hop with toyo R888's...305 wide) also very interested in finding a 3.3 gear set for it aswell please call or text me for fastest response. My name is AJ, 604 302 8921 I would love to find a much stronger cover as 550whp is the least amount of power this car will ever see. running methanol injection and more boost once this diff is fixed. see my broken cover attached
  6. supersonicdatsun

    The Zedsled 1.5JZ

    I started over 3 years ago when I bought Dustys old 240Z. countless hours of work later I have what I call a zedsled. when I started^ I personally built and installed and built the 1.5JZ with forged rods and the rest of the short block is stock. The V161 transmission was installed with a stock clutch and flywheel of its era(latest model supra 6 speed) I also had the cage extended to the strut tower area to make the chassis more rigid. September 22nd, 2014 I drove the car for the first time. It had a tune thrown into it and impartialy bled cooling system. drove it accross town with no doors or hood on yet, and put it onto the dyno. About an hour later we had the break-in horspower: 539whp and 427wtq at 15 psi boost on pump gas more coming soon
  7. supersonicdatsun

    Evos 9sec 2jz build

    At a serious loss for words, extremely wicked build!!
  8. supersonicdatsun

    The Zedsled

    Pictures of my car I been workin on...