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  1. Thats the jest of it. I wasn't interested in the hydraulic lifter head what so ever. I needed the other parts and will use the block for a stroker build if all of the rest of my build goes well. But hey, nothing wrong with this perfectly good transitional/hybrid head. So I'm going to save myself some time of messing with a different head and clean and reassemble this one. All I need to do is open up the intake ports to the size of my lonewolf race runner intake manifold. My initial plan was to use the E31 head from a 240z I have with the stock bottom end that I know is good and rebuilt about 8 years ago. The block from my '77, not the motor to the 240z. The condition of that motor is unknown at the moment. It was sitting out in the desert for 20 years. The E31 would have given me a little higher compression from the stock 8.3:1 to 8.6:1ish. I would have had to drill the holes for the fuel injection. Screw it though. I'll go with the turbo head and perfect valve train. hahaha Lower compression means more boost.
  2. Negative. I removed the lifter base from the head. There was no Insert or even the oil passage hole for the hydraulic lifter. This head that I have has never had a different setup. There was absolutely no signs that the motor has been messed with. It appears that the motor has never been taken apart, rebuilt or even ran hard. The head had the original factory machining marks on the head mating surface. My machinist buddy that has been building motors for 50 plus years, confirmed my suspicions.
  3. I haven't heard of this or seen it until right now. Ok, so from everything I have known about turbo Z motors, the '81 and 82 zxt's had the p90 head with solid lifters and came only with an automatic. The '83 had the p90a head with hydraulic lifters and the borg warner t5 5speed. Right?! Or is there a blur between the lines? That is what I have come to know for years now. Months back I finally got around to pulling the front suspension, motor and trans out of an '83 zxt at the local junk yard. It had been there far about 3 years and had THE definition of a rats nest under the hood. All you could see was a valve cover. It worked out for me as a junk yard non-die harder deterrent. I got all of it for somewhere in the 300ish dollar range. Not bad huh? haha It helps to take the yard attendant a case of his favorite beer I just barely got around to building my crazy turbo setup for my Z. I had all the parts I needed except for the different pick up tube/screen for the turbo pan with the rear sump. Figured I would tear the turbo motor apart for later use and grab the tube in the process. One thing that I didn't take much notice too was that the "Nissan Turbo" valve cover wasn't all square and boxy like I have always noticed in the past. This one is rounded with nice rounded corners and had the factory black wrinkle coating. Pulled the turbo and manifolds off. Went to take off the valve cover and....... SOLID LIFTERS!!! what the hell?!? Was this car a special edition or one of the first off the line marked as an '83 before the started implementing the hydraulic lifters??? Has anyone encountered this before? Needless to say, my plans for this motor have changed slightly. worked out for me I suppose. I have the factory Intake and fuel rail that I don't need as well of a set of hydraulic lifters from an actual p90a head. The lifters are in pretty good shape, If anyone is interested shoot me a PM. What do you guys think? Crazy huh?
  4. i just got back a 5sdp tranny from being rebuilt and i was going to swap that out from my 4 spd. i was going to slap a 10.5lb alm flywheel and a race clutch (something still streetable, nothing all out). i am going to do this in the next 2 or 3 weeks and have been told by ppl to stay away from the light weight flywheel. reading all of this i am going to through that nonsence out the window. i am going to buy a fidanza and a zoom stage III. i have done quite a bit to my z and it is much better over stock. the clutch is most likely originle and it isnt like i have been nice to it either. will adding one of those afi race dampers help to make an even bigger difference over the current setup? i figured maybe just to go the extra mile with lightening the rotating mass. any of you have am aftermarket damper/harmonic balincer? did it help any? thanks.
  5. i just noticed that the car in the pics has the same exact sony cd player that i have. mine is pretty old and in need of replacement.
  6. i just head about a hydrolic handbrake that is used for drifting. it doesnt have a button to lock it in the up position. at least thats what i think. i eventually plan on installing the willwood brake upgrades all the way around. i know that it doesnt have any use for a parking brake. you need to use a line lock for that function to work. has anyone thought about using the hydrolic handbrake, or is currrently using one??? i would like some kind of guidence on this new idea. some sort of info before i deside to go with it or through it out the window. thanks for anything you guys have. Nick
  7. i couldnt agree more. i would rather have a crappy z than a nice looking wagon. even a run down z rolling out of mex turns heads. you arent going to get that with a wagon. i am doing all kinds of body work on mine and it looks like hell. i am still getting ppl that want to buy it. aparently i am not the only one around here that sees not what it is but what it could be.
  8. think about it though.... subaru wagon.... 4wd. that thing is going to have some kind of cornering advantage over a z. i think for a "500hp" z that was a pretty small course. lets see what happens when they both are on a bigger course. my money would be more on the z. i dunno, just my thoughts.
  9. i do have a full exhaust system with a cherry bomb glass pack that is waiting to go back on. i just havent had the time to modify it to work with the new header. i had a msa 3into2 on with header wrap. in 2 years it cracked and fell apart from the extreme heat where i live. i have had my car in the west coast z nationals for the last 2 years and out of all of the n/a sounds i like mine the best. close to no restrictions and it sounds great.
  10. oh no doubt about it. it will be A LOT of work. if i get it, i dont plan on having it be drivable for at least 5 years. i have noticed that with this car in particular... what ppl think is from one extreme to the other. i dont really care. it will be mine and one of a kind. i might even be lucky enough to get what i put into it in 20 or 30 years. if i have it for that long and break even, cool for me. hell i might even make something out of it. i am not one so sell my cars though. what kind of gas mileage can i expect out of a beefed up turbo 4 banger? i will most likely run a straight pipe off the turbo. oh hell yea! it will scream. hehehe
  11. thanks for the pics and the info. it helped a lot. i guess ill stay with the vw motor and trans for cost and availability reasons. if i get it (my mind is pretty set, just hope the guy dont want too much) i think ill paint it that nice formula one red with a metal flake. slap some 9" wide tires on the back and run the exhaust though the center where the tail lights are going to go. like the pagani zonda... what do you guys think? one nice big shiny 3" pipe right in the middle of the tail light panel. there is only going to be one cuz it is going to be a turbo charged vdub motor. hehehe 300+ bhp. the pics that are above... i dont like them and didnt picture the car in my mind like that. it will be of my own make and design. new skool touch to an old school car. it will be a sweet ride.
  12. I know it is a vw kit car. it is off the frame of a meyers manx. it takes a vw motor and trans. it does have the inside tub of a manx. i just cant figure out what it was originally called. the closest i found online was THE SCORPION. other than that i have no idea. does anyone know? have you seen something like it? i want to buy it for my next project and drop in a porsche motor and trans. some one jive me some sort of idea. point me in some kind of direction. thanks. here are some pics. if you guys have any ideas, know or knew someone with one, or have seen one let me know. i want more info on it. thanks of anything you all have to offer.
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