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  1. RIP Ross, your passion and dedication to the Z will forever live on. You were a great man!
  2. my sparco sprints fit nicely on redrilled/welded stock rails and perfect size for me: 5'10 160lbs
  3. J__

    Z + 5dmk2

    try the youtube link
  4. J__

    Z + 5dmk2

    Took my car out for the summer and had a go at my first attempt to make a DSLR video. Hope you guys like it! http://vimeo.com/26316558
  5. my AFM on my 78 280z just buggered out to be unable to pass smog, I borrowed one to get it pass this time but in need of a replacement for next year. Just wondering are there any direct swap ins available aside from the factory? like from a newer 240sx or such? And yes I would love to get rid of the afm altogether... so computer as in megasquirt? thnx!
  6. i thought u guys would like some updated products for this DIY roller method. Same technique, different paint. The guy used a marine boat paint called "brightside". Not sure where to get them in canada/usa but the results look amazing. My rustoleum (tremclad) paint looked fantastic after a wet sand and polish but after the years it's beginning to look dull and swirly. Not to mention, 1 thing i found with the rustoleum is that dirt sticks to it like glue. The exhaus from your tail pipes will stick to it, but unlike with normal paint that you can just wash off, the rustoleum will still be staine
  7. Traveling through the UK for work and popped down to see one of the most famous sites in the world So far i've seen 1 nicely restored 240z in London. RHD!
  8. ^^^ looks great! what was your setup?
  9. here's the trailer for it. cool, all our cars will be worth 3x it's value in a years time. haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EwE15wZT7M
  10. J__

    Friend's S14

    last one from the nite
  11. Did a quick shoot for him on his lawn tonite haha (i filled in the grass with concrete in PS). It rained a bit, but nothing sexier than a few raindrops on a sexy car! Image a hot girl coming out of a pool with her bikini, this is her! haha
  12. chisel and hammer sounds about right. it takes TIME. when i did mine, i found chisel and hammer was quicker and cleaner than heating it with a heat gun and scrap it off. If ur real good like me, jab the chisel in the edge of it and push it along the metal, then it'll flake off the entire row. Be careful not to chisel through the metal though if ur goin to use a hammer.
  13. well the stock z breaks are more than adequit for everyday driving and light autox/track. But if u want the best out of the car in terms of breaks, rear calipers and front upgrades are the way to go. some good things come to mind to upgrade would be easier to service, marginal performance gain, more choice in performance pads, and just looks nicer. cons, cant really thing of any? just u'll get ur hands dirty and have to source the parts. for me, bleeding the calipers were a pain because i used 85 maxima calipers and the way it sits, the nipple was not facing 12noon so some air was
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