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  1. 3M adhesive remover. It works wonders and took off adhesive on my G35 without any elbow grease. Safe for paint too.
  2. I got it started today!!! Started right up on the first try! Man it sounds mean with no exhaust and it is LOUD. Just let it idle at 2000rpm for about 20mins, changed the oil, and then I just took it on a short sprint around the neighborhood. Think I pissed off some neighbors but oh well haha. Guy that lives up the street builds race cars so it's nothing new. The heavy duty Kameari clutch is effortless. Smooth as butter and so easy you wouldn't even know that it is upgraded. Now I just have to tune the Haltech better especially the cold start enrichment map. I think the cold
  3. Well tried to start it today. At first I had no spark so went back to my original problem of the wiring with the Jacobs computer so I unhooked that and had great spark. Then didn't have the tune on the Haltech right so I was getting spark but no fuel.Figured that out in about 10mins so tried again and blew the coil. So now instead of no fuel, I'm getting fuel and no spark again . Just ordered a Crane Cams ps60 coil so now gotta wait for that to come in to replace the Jacobs coil.
  4. Definitely been awhile again since I've updated this. Been up to a lot since my last update: Ran fuel lines Installed Walboro pump New throttle linkage Metallic brake pads front and rear New rear wheel cylinders New fluid All I'm waiting for now is some nice, warm weather so I can start her up and tune the Haltech. Onto the pics! Pump and pre-filter installed near the tank. Fuel lines ran to the rail. Installed a Fuel Pressure gauge between the second filter and the rail. Found a metal filter that had the same bends in it as the old plastic FR
  5. Getting most of the pieces put on the motor. Now I'm looking at fuel options. So far I've gathered that the stock 3/8" feed line will probably be ok and I was thinking about switching out the stock 5/16" return line for a 3/8" return line. Also switching to a Walboro GSL-392 pump and was planning on using Earl's -6AN braided lines everywhere else (from the hard lines to the rail, rail back to hard lines, pump to hard lines, etc.) and using the Aeromotive A1000-6 regulator with guage. I was planning on mounting the FPR on the end of the fuel rail and then coming back from there.
  6. Finally have a few updates. I know, I know it's been a few months. Been busy with work, school, and going to Vegas for a cousins wedding. Well before I left for Vegas I got some ARP goodies for the motor: Studs for the exhaust and intake, Flywheel bolts, and Transmission housing bolts. Also replaced the clutch fork, pivot ball, and clutch bearing with new OEM (Yes I cleaned it up after this pic was taken) Installed the studs onto the head Got back from Vegas and cleaned up the wiring a bit and installed the Kameari ignition
  7. Tore down the old engine today, well at least took off the head to see the top of the pistons and the valves. Didn't find too much wrong there except for some pitting on the 4th cylinder near the valves and A LOT of carbon buildup. The majority of the carbon buildup showing on the sparkplugs was on the odd cylinders: 1, 3, 5. Didn't find out about the oil on cylinder 2 until I took off the head. Here you can see the pitting on the 4th cylinder. Close up of the pitting on the 4th cylinder. Carbon buildup on the 5th cylinder.
  8. Well today got the old engine pulled. Only took about an hour to do it which was a bit surprising since this was my first ever engine pull in my life. The engine bay looks so empty without anything in it. We used a ratcheting tie down strap to support the transmission. Here's a bad pic of the old engine. Gonna do a tear down of it and try and figure out exactly what happened to it. Right now just waiting on some new flywheel bolts, along with the other bolts we ordered, so that we can drop the new engine in. Can't wait to do that and start bolting up all
  9. Hey guys!! Just figured I would introduce myself finally after lurking here for sooo long. I've been into Z cars since I can remember because my dad has had this 1972 240z since before I was born. He decided to pass it down to me so I got to pic out the color when we got it repainted and got to decide the mods, but also had to do all the work too. Along with the 240z I also have a 1995 300zx TT which is my DD so I am definitely a Z car guy for life. For right now the 240z has been sitting for the past few years because of a low compression engine. Just recently have we beg
  10. So I figured I would start one of these since I have recently started working on my 240z again. Plus I have been lurking on here for a loooong while so I figured I better make my first real post. This is the best pic I have of my 240Z so far: This pic is probably close to 6 - 7 years old and was taken after my dad and I had just finished a major restoration on it. Had a 280z Bottom end with a 240z E31 head and a mild cam with stock SU carbs. The car was completely stripped and painted a metallic white. Took 7 years to get it painted. Don't ask, it was a huge ordeal t
  11. Very nice!! What fuel pump are you using?
  12. My engine is basically the same and we just used a regular L28 bottom end
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