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  1. I posted this in the fabrication topic and thought it might be better off here in body kits. The question is, Does anyone here know of anyone who has seperated (cut loose) the rear quarter panels and moved them out for a wide body affect? I have looked everywhere on the net for this and cant find it. Maybe know one does it because of all of after market wide fiberglass fenders that are out there. I am wanting to widen a 260z without fiberglass. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I sold mine for 18K to a guy in Guam. I had 16K in parts. Drove it for 2 years and had a blast in it. It was a RB20 swap. Starting a new build now w RB26. Just thought I would post this for your own info. The Zs are worth alot of money if they are restored properly. Just throwing a motor in an older unrestored car shouldnt bring much money. You really should be paying for the quality of the restoration. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Anyone out there have a drivers side door? All I need is the empty shell. It can be for 240 260 or 280 706 897 0316 Call me Scott
  4. You did a good job on your homework. My distributer sells holdtight 102 so I can get it for you or you may be able to get from Sherwin Williams. I'll find out in the morning. The #s I quoted would not include any sealants. And if time allows I may be able to blast some of the engine compartment. I do blow off the dust. Blasting averages about $150 per hr. and is well worth it. It all depends on what existing paint is on the car.
  5. On a Z I can probably strip the outside of the body and all of the jambs for about 500 to 800 as long as the paint is just one layer (basically factory) paint. Scott Kell
  6. You might as well call me if your going to strip an entire car with soda. The little HF unit would take weeks for an entire car. I can strip a Z for around $800.00 and it only takes a day. I go all over the Southeast. Scott 706 897 0316
  7. Hey Z Guys, I posted this yesterday in the parts for sale area. I should have placed it here. I have a mobile Soda Blasting Unit. I got into this business because I couldnt find anyone to strip my car with Soda when I was restoring it. Please check out my website. I cover the Southeast. It is definitly a huge time saver. 1 day to completely strip a car to bare metal and will not hurt the metal, glass or rubber. Includes all the jambs and seams. Give me a call 706 897 0316 or go to my web www.gatorsodablasting.com The cost to strip a Z depends upon what paint or how much paint is on it. Let me help you do the job right. Scott
  8. Try this link http://www.nismoparts.com/catalog/?section=821#1648 Cheers
  9. Kjones, Thats nice. I would like to see how you did the wide body. Did you take pictures throughout the build?
  10. Hey Wedge, These seats are the best. They have low bolsters on the seat bottom. Makes it easy to get in and out. Upper bolsters keep yu in the seat. Havent been to the dragons tail with the car yet. Seats are 289.00 ea at Saferacer.com . Come in Black, Blue and Red. Yes they are comfortable. They are hung off the frame just like the factory seats.
  11. Here are the seats Im using. They are Sparco Steel seats. Its as if they were made for the older Zs.
  12. Boomn, I'll get back to ya on that tonight. We just started a 1J swap. Will be done with it in a few weeks. Then we start another RB20 swap. That one will take a week to do. I'll get ya a #.
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