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  1. Hey guys, I've been a member since 2007, I've owned about 5 or so Z's. I'm currently building a 71' with a built sr20. I have the motor mounted in the car using Mckinney mounts, was wondering if any of you guys would be down to come by and help me with the wiring, (bought the swap harness from wiring specialties) fuel pump, and vacuum lines. Car is on the base off 32nd street in San Diego. Also, just looking to make new friends outside of the military.
  2. Is this Rich from Daytona that I sold the triple Mikuni's to?
  3. Forgot to mention will be running some type of coilover setup.
  4. Sorry, tried searching with no luck. Found a set of Rota RKR Size: 2 PCS 17X8.5 & 2 PCS 17X9.5 Bolt pattern: 4X114.3 Offset:4 & 0 Can I run these without flares? What offsets would I need to run either an 8.5 or 9.5" (17") to avoid cutting fenders or very minimal pull. I know the 17x9.5 -20 offset require flares. Thanks
  5. Yea I saw it already the guy wants more for them than they are new on MSA not to mention with my luck they're probably for a 240z and he doesn't know the difference. Don't want to end up with the wrong parts.
  6. Mine doesn't have an SR but a KA, I'm going to be looking to get around 8 for it. The last SR Z I saw for sale went for 12, that gives you 4 grand to play with to build a hell of a turbo motor. For sale thread is under my posts, or call me: 386-868-8460
  7. Looking for 280z lowering springs
  8. Black Dragon Auto carries both the front and back window stripping it was like 85 shipped for both, and the doors you can use Kia Sportage weather stripping from the junkyard. Search it on here to find out the year think it was somewhere between 95-98, very easy to install you just have to cut out 2" of it.
  9. Hey guys my buyer flaked on these so there up for sale, 620 door panels in excellent condition. None of the mounting points on the back are ripped, vinyl is in great shape, should fit any 620 73-78 pickup. 100 shipped, also have a steering column cover 25 shipped obo
  10. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/1996487533.html
  11. Anybody else.. that has pictures. lol
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