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  1. I just got the staggered XXR 513 sportsmax rims off E-bay sgmotoring this weekend, had tires mounted. Riken Raptors from Summit racing $ 299.00 for set 205/55/16 front 245/50/16 rear $90.00 mount balanced Conrads. They look awesome 7" front/8"rear. I do not have pictures (Other than cell phone of which I could text message if interested ) am pretty much computer / photo shop iliterate but they do fit with the tires I bought with the exception of potential rubbing on rears as they stick out approx. 1/4"- - 1/2" beyond fender well . I will roll the fender lip and put stiffer springs soon.
  2. How did you convert to 5 lug, considering the limited availability of 4 lug the cost would seemingly balance.
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